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What is 72dpi? is a free, social media, photo sharing website where you can upload and share your photos, as well as rate and comment on other member photos.

No, I mean... what is 72dpi?

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Well, "dpi" stands for Dots Per Inch. This refers to the density of dots per square inch when an image is reproduced in printing. For digital media, such as that displayed on a computer monitor, television or mobile device, it would refer to the pixels in that image. DPI also refers to an image's resolution. For a good printed resolution (degree of detail in an image), 300dpi is a common standard; for electronic or digital display, 72dpi is the standard.

So... we decided that since photos shared on the Internet are all viewed digitally at 72dpi, that we'd use that name for this website! Clever, huh?

Who we are

The 72dpi website started in 2008 as the Photo-of-the-Day website for the Aperture Academy. In the summer of 2011 we decided to morph the Photo-of-the-Day website with the Aperture Academy community portal, and 72dpi was born.

We are photographers that love what we do.


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