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  •   "After the Dream"
  •   "Light II"
  •   "Light I"
  •   "Jem"
  •   "Don't Fence Me In."
  •   "There's a Dark Side"
  •   "Cloud and Light"
  •   "Rainy Day, Wellington."
  •   "What Lies Within?"
  •   "Vine in Autumn"
  •   "Peony I"
  •   "Peony II"
  •   "Duenna"

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 Richard B said:June 25th, 2012 (8:59am) PDT
Hi Alison your absolutely right about the "Drama Queen" she can be somewhat wilful at times Thanks for the comment though Regards Richard
 Richard B said:June 20th, 2012 (6:05am) PDT
My sincere thanks Alison for your very kind compliment for "Free Fall" I really appreciate it Regards richard :-)
 victor magdic said:June 18th, 2012 (5:27pm) PDT
Thanks for your recent comments, I appreciate your feedback and kind words.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:June 10th, 2012 (5:21pm) PDT
Thank you Alison for your recent comments to my work, and for adding me to your snaplist. It's greatly appreciated! Lorenzo
 tony leone said:June 9th, 2012 (1:09am) PDT
Hello Allison, I am very gad for your comments. Your portfolio is awesome,...nice to meet you! Greetings Tony
 Dayne Reast said:June 5th, 2012 (3:28pm) PDT
Alison. Thanks for your comments. Keep up the good work.
 marthe said:June 3rd, 2012 (6:10am) PDT
Alison, Thank you kindly for taking the time to visit my gallery and leave comments. Marthe
 Richard Bland said:June 1st, 2012 (12:56am) PDT
My thanks Alison for the very kind compliment for "Up" I appreciate it :-)
 Chris Ruefli said:May 29th, 2012 (2:26am) PDT
Thank you very much, for your visit and the kind word to my images.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 27th, 2012 (8:33pm) PDT
Alison, thank you for your visit to my gallery and for your kind comments to my images. Greatly appreciated!Lorenzo
 Karl Williams said:May 27th, 2012 (2:24am) PDT
Love your philosophy: the image that comes out of the camera is simply the starting point of the entire process - couldn't agree more!
 Nuno Figueira said:May 26th, 2012 (4:09am) PDT
Hi Alison! thank you for the kind comments, much appreciated. Feel free to comment others shots and contact me if you have any question. Regards, Nuno Figueira
 Doug Benner said:April 16th, 2012 (9:36am) PDT
Thank you for adding me to your SnapList. I really appreciate it.
 Jeff Morley said:April 15th, 2012 (5:15am) PDT
Hello, and thanks for your visit and comment. I wish I could remember the comment that prompted that reaction in #2 son, but I was too busy watching them through the camera. The general tone of their banter told me something worth capturing was coming soon!
 Richard Bland said:April 15th, 2012 (2:25am) PDT
Good Morning Alison and a big thank you for your two comments for "Sheep" you never know what the darkness holds. And for "Devotion" you never know what is beyond. I really appreciate your kind words :-) Regards Richard
 Amel Jiménez said:April 15th, 2012 (2:10am) PDT
Gracias por tu comentario. Saludos
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Although I have always had an interest in photography, it has only recently become a passion, largely due to the improvements made in digital cameras making it an affordable interest. I find opportunities to make images almost everywhere and my subject matter covers a broad spectrum, from portrait and landscape through the range to macro images of flowers and old rusty hinges.

I use a variety of different techniques to enhance images. I see the photograph that comes straight off the camera in the same way that film shooters see their negatives – they are something to take to the darkroom, digital or wet, for further development. For me, photography can be not only a record of a time or place but it can also be a form of self expression, an art form that can show others how we view the world and our place in it. Freeman Patterson once said ’The camera always looks both ways.’ And that is as true today as it ever was.

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