Ashton W
  •   "Wings Of Flight"
  •   "DoubleCross+"
  •   "Dragonfly Hippy"
  •   "Fivefingers"
  •   "Old"
  •   "Dandelion Sparks"
  •   "Green Hill"
  •   "Falls down the den"
  •   "Green Leaf"
  •   "Madison Square Clock Tower"
  •   "Life doesn't have to be of ste..."
  •   "Diwali in New York from a corn..."
  •   "Christmas Mist"
  •   "Poison Cash"
  •   "After Sandy"
  •   "Bottomless Tunnel"
  •   "Sandy Coming to NY"
  •   "Central Park Fall"
  •   "Brooklyn Bridge Park"
  •   "Marina Bay Panorama .Sunshine."
  •   "A Tribute to Life."
  •   "Never Forget 2012"
  •   "Never Forget 2012"
  •   "Galx"
  •   "The Brooklyn Bridge to the New..."
  •   "Flat Iron the Blue Moon series"
  •   "Brooklyn Libary"

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 Michael del Pilar said:September 17th, 2012 (7:45pm) PDT
Your images of New York are amazing and an inspiration....terrific gallery you have here, Ashton.
 Ashton W said:June 5th, 2012 (10:13pm) PDT
thanks very much appreciated.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:June 5th, 2012 (8:26pm) PDT
Ashton, your compliments to "Nature's fan" are very welcome. Many thanks for your encouragement! Lorenzo
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Living in one of the most diverse cities brings great challenges from around the world with a mix of every culture that you can imagine exists on this planet.

Its greatly appreciated of being part of that diversity and shaping it into a focus that help, teach, aim and inspire others that nothings impossible once you put your head to it.

The Capture

Landscape and wild life has always been a strong interest of mine due to the changing surroundings every decade or so sooner, however we want to take a look at that is totally up to the person looking through the looking glass. Everyone sees the world differently in one way or the next but one thing’s for cretin that our images all tells our stories in more than one million words can ever say.

Way Of Life

Tradition is my passion and a way of life, and don’t let your eyes deceive you, next time you take a look at something that seems a bit quirky try looking a bit deeper you could find something hidden in the back.

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