Jean-Thomas Bedard
  •   "Emergence"
  •   "Maree basse"
  •   "Entropie"
  •   "Le lit du fleuve"
  •   "Tangeantes"

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 Ken Burrows said:May 20th, 2017 (8:50am) PDT
Welcome to 72dpi! I love images such as these showing the rock, and the patterns and colours trapped within. Nicely done.
 Jean-Thomas Bedard said:May 19th, 2017 (8:18pm) PDT
Photography of nature, creating art with forms and textures provided by mother Nature is my strongest passion.
Jean-Thomas Bedard
Granby, Quebec
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www.Jean-Thomas Bédard

Canadian painter, film maker and photographer. Studies in History of Art at Montreal University and painting and engraving at the Montreal Fine Arts School. I worked at the National Film Board of Canada for 31 years as an animated film director and documentary film director. Won 3 prizes at international film festivals in 1979(Chicago, Oberhausen in Germany and Annecy, France) for Chairmen, an 12 min. animated film.

I participated in various exhibitions of painting and photos in Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto and Vancouver. My recent work in photography is essentially dedicated to explore abstract composition issued from natural environments, particularly the banks of the Saint-Laurence River.

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