Cathy Donohoue
  •   "Lonesome"
  •   "Balluminaria 2012"
  •   "Mum's The Word"
  •   "Sailor's Delight"
  •   "Bubble World"
  •   "Pollen Count - High"
  •   "Birds Do It, Bees Do It....."
  •   "White Rose"
  •   "Tiny"
  •   "Remains"
  •   "Inner Beauty"
  •   "Because"
  •   "Cincinnati Union Terminal"
  •   "Busy"
  •   "Witness"
  •   "Party in a Poppy"
  •   "Blender"
  •   "Me And My Shadow"
  •   "It's Party Time!"
  •   "Purple Pincushion Flower"
  •   "Pincushion Flower"
  •   "Psychedelic"
  •   "Sunflower in Waiting"
  •   "Separation"
  •   "Bug Eyed"
  •   "Unexpected"
  •   "Untitled"

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 Lorenzo Cassina said:December 26th, 2012 (12:27pm) PST
Cathy, have a great 2013!
 James Mikkelsen said:August 6th, 2012 (1:10pm) PDT
Flowers, architecture, butterflies, moths... all so sharp and colorful* Wonderful body of work! Thanks for sharing!
 John Kimball said:August 2nd, 2012 (5:28am) PDT
Many Thanks for your visit and comment Cathy!!
 victor magdic said:June 5th, 2012 (9:31am) PDT
Cathy, thank you for your sincere comments.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:June 3rd, 2012 (8:20am) PDT
Hello Cathy! I want to thank you for your recent and past comments; very much appreciated! As for the image you liked "Blue siding" the blue color is natural and probably enhanced by the time of the shot, late in the day, and the blue sky as well. This building is a beauty. Thank you! :)) Lorenzo
 mitsu miya said:June 2nd, 2012 (7:35pm) PDT
Thank you for your comments. Thank you my friend.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 27th, 2012 (8:49pm) PDT
Cathy, I am glad you liked "Celestial" and thank you for your kind comment. Always a pleasure! Lorenzo
 Denis Paradis said:May 27th, 2012 (5:59am) PDT
Thanks for commenting on my "Delicate Beauty" photo. Much appreciated. Just looked through your works, great job - love the detail in them. Cheers
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 26th, 2012 (6:09pm) PDT
Hello Cathy! Thank you for your nice compliments to "By the Everglades." Much appreciated, and you are welcome to come! Lorenzo
 Charlotte Welch said:May 24th, 2012 (8:20pm) PDT
Thank you Cathy.....I am enjoying your photo's as well......very crisp and detailed ....just nice....very nice!
 Miguel António de Almeida e Silva said:May 24th, 2012 (5:57am) PDT
Thank you Cathy for your kind words. I really admire your photos. For the baby, I do not know! but I am sure it will be a beautiful piece of craftsmanship ...... lol
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 22nd, 2012 (8:34pm) PDT
Hello Cathy! Much appreciated are your nice comments to "Amazing grace." As always a pleasure. Thank you! Lorenzo
 Rebecca Chase Friedman said:May 22nd, 2012 (1:37pm) PDT
Hi Cathy, yes, poppies are the very picture of happiness! I took a few shots of the first blossoms in our garden yesterday (as did Michael) and the rain today has destroyed them. Your work has been superb of late! Regards, Rebecca
 Bob Duff said:May 20th, 2012 (3:46am) PDT
Cathy, thanks for dropping by and commenting on Parrot Head. I'm also flattered that you think I could teach you something. The light is all natural from a north window. My lighting tends to be on the soft side and directional. I rarely shoot in bright daylight and if I do I use a diffuser.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 19th, 2012 (5:52pm) PDT
Many thanks Cathy for your recent comments to my work. Greatly appreciated! Lorenzo
 sas astro said:May 19th, 2012 (8:43am) PDT
It's always a pleasure to visit your gallery Cathy, you find such wonderfully colourful flowers
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 16th, 2012 (9:50pm) PDT
Hello Cathy! Thank you for your recent comments to my creations. Much appreciated! Lorenzo
 Rebecca Chase Friedman said:May 15th, 2012 (1:39pm) PDT
Hi Cathy, I have taken a step back from the 2 sites, 72 and 500. I was getting a bit overwhelmed with the time involved, and have been very busy with other things. My husband (Michael Friedman) remains veery active here. I will try to get involved again!
 sas astro said:May 7th, 2012 (11:22pm) PDT
Hi Cathy, Separation must have been a difficult photo to take given the circumstances. You made a great job of it and I'm sure the man will find some comfort in that picture
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 4th, 2012 (6:32pm) PDT
Hello Cathy! Your compliments to my "Red-shouldered Hawk" are greatly appreciated. Thank you! Regarding the lens, for the shot you've liked I used a Sigma 70-300mm which is one of my sharpest lens. I love it and have great respect for the brand. Thanks again! Lorenzo
 Lorenzo Cassina said:May 3rd, 2012 (10:26pm) PDT
Hi Cathy, your comments to my work are very flattering. Thank you so much. I am also learning, and that's what makes us enjoy our hobby and try new things. All the best! Lorenzo
 Bianca Stinson said:April 30th, 2012 (4:45am) PDT
thank you Cathy for your kind words!!
 sas astro said:April 28th, 2012 (12:12am) PDT
Thanks Cathy - funnily enough whenever we go out we say we are taking our cameras for a walk lol
 Lorenzo Cassina said:April 27th, 2012 (8:18pm) PDT
Thank you Cathy for adding me to your snaplist. Much appreciated! Lorenzo
 Michael D. Friedman said:April 27th, 2012 (10:53am) PDT
Thanks so much for your visit and comments, Cathy.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:April 26th, 2012 (5:18pm) PDT
Appreciate your kind comments to my images. Thank you Cathy! Lorenzo
 Michael del Pilar said:April 25th, 2012 (5:18pm) PDT
Thank you, Cathy, for your visit and comment on the 'abstract' pic. Your feedback is very appreciated and also my gratitude for adding me to your snaplist.
 Doug Benner said:April 24th, 2012 (6:23am) PDT
Cathy, thank you for adding me to your SnapList. I really appreciate it.
 mitsu miya said:April 22nd, 2012 (5:28am) PDT
Thank you for your kind visit and your kind comments.
 sas astro said:April 7th, 2012 (12:29pm) PDT
You're very welcome Cathy, nice sense of humour showing through in your corgi pic
 Peter Lessey said:March 24th, 2012 (8:04am) PDT
Thank you for taking the time to view my gallery Cathy. Keep doing what you love and it will all fall into place for you.
 Peter Lessey said:March 24th, 2012 (6:54am) PDT
Thank you very much Cathy, greatky appreciated.
 Rebecca Chase Friedman said:March 19th, 2012 (12:29pm) PDT
Cathy, for a first try, you are doing very well indeed! Keep up the great work! Rebecca
Cathy Donohoue
CIncinnati, Ohio

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I love taking pictures. It is a new hobby for me and I enjoy it immensely. I am here to learn and share. I welcome constructive criticism.

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