Scott Donschikowski
  •   "Londrangar"
  •   "Monumental"
  •   "Volcanic Ice"
  •   "Tuckered"
  •   "Old Growth"
  •   "A Mormon Sunrise"
  •   "Electric Cabins"
  •   "Lower Curves"
  •   "Desert Log"
  •   " Lady in the Wind"
  •   " False Kiva Rains"
  •   "Pink Glaciers"
  •   "Layered Blue Hues"
  •   "Layered Gold Hues"
  •   "Little House in the Forest"
  •   "Not So Emerald Bay"
  •   "Bodie Revisited"
  •   "Bonsai Rockin"
  •   "Mono in Purple"
  •   "Marjorie Glacier Calving"
  •   "The Eye of a Killer"
  •   "Sitka Pigeon"
  •   "Western PA"
  •   "Tudor City"
  •   "Steptoe Sunset"
  •   "Metlako Falls"
  •   "Creeping Around Shasta"

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 thom polimeros said:June 21st, 2012 (6:00am) PDT
excellent image gallery Scott.....
Scott Donschikowski
San Jose, California

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Scott Donschikowski is a professional photographer, speaker and instructor of photographic arts and digital darkroom techniques. He is a master of the digital workflow, is an Adobe Certified Expert and has taught and lectured all over California about the benefits of becoming proficient in the digital darkroom.

Scott is a versatile photographer, specializing in architecture, lifestyle and landscapes but also having completed work in weddings, editorials, events and product photography. He has worked extensively covering events for the City of San Jose and has contracted his work out to a number of local businesses providing them with his own unique style of photographic imagery.

A tech geek at heart, when Scott is not out taking pictures in his native California, he spends his time writing for numerous blogs, maintaining several websites, reviewing photography gear, and refining his digital darkroom craft. He is also an avid astrophotographer and when the available light runs out, he brings out his telescope and captures images of the heavens above.

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