Kent Wirtanen
  •   "On Watch"
  •   "Waiting"
  •   "kee-eerrrr"
  •   "A Good Day in the Badlands"
  •   "Alone"
  •   "Guardian of the Cattails"
  •   "Aqua Flight"
  •   "The End of the Chase"
  •   "Waterbed "
  •   "Left Alone"
  •   "Curiosity"
  •   "Rapid Departure"
  •   "Fifty Shades of Blue"
  •   "Back Seat Driver"
  •   "Another Day in Paradise"
  •   "Where the Grass Flows"
  •   "Photobombed"
  •   "Take-out"
  •   "City Lights"
  •   "Golden Days"
  •   "A Crack in the Silence"
  •   "Downward Dog"
  •   "American White Pelican"
  •   "Touch Down"
  •   "Babies On Board "
  •   "Dome Sweet Dome"
  •   "Interactions"

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 Neal Windsor said:June 16th, 2014 (8:47pm) PDT
Hello Kent... Thanks for your recent comments on my pics... I had been dormant for awhile, not much opportunity the last year or so to get out and do some shooting (wk,wk,wk) so I haven't been posting or visiting 72dpi, no excuse. Glad to be shooting again and to see your still here, I need get caught up on your gallery as you always have wonderful shots...
 marthe said:January 22nd, 2014 (3:04am) PST
Kent, it'S nice to see you has been quite a while.... thank you for taking the time to view and comment ! looking forward to seeing more of your work!
 Bill Debley said:October 4th, 2013 (10:13am) PDT
Thanks Kent for taking a look at my recent submissions. Your comments are appreciated.
 Katie Kok said:September 25th, 2013 (11:24am) PDT
Spectacular work Kent!
 marthe said:September 17th, 2013 (1:46pm) PDT
hello Kent, you have the 3 first top rated photographs.. a home run!! well deserved! congratulations!
 lori canton said:August 31st, 2013 (7:14am) PDT
wow you have a beautiful lotus flowers too I always worry about the dept of field I guess it depends on the subject to have any tips for me
 JACKY BALDERAS said:June 4th, 2013 (5:57am) PDT
Hi Kent. Thank you so much for the wonderful comments on photos, I really appreciated that. Have a beautiful Day!
 Ron Good said:May 13th, 2013 (9:36pm) PDT
Thanks for the comment Kent on Bow Valley Crocus. yes it was Between Hwy 1A & Hwy 1, in Bow Valley Prov. Park, Appears the photo was up before I got all the info up, guess I should type faster... tried a reply but it only showed part of my reply
  said:May 4th, 2013 (6:54am) PDT
thanks, Kent! Glad I found this website and great to see your photos again.
 Larry Lancaster said:May 3rd, 2013 (9:19pm) PDT
Thanks for your comments. I like the quality and variety of your stuff, too.
 Paul Porter said:April 23rd, 2013 (4:17pm) PDT
Kent, thanks again for your recent comments.
 Pamela Bole said:April 17th, 2013 (9:27pm) PDT
Thank you for your comment! : )
 Leif Rasmussen said:April 11th, 2013 (9:47am) PDT
Thank you for your comment.
 Brian Winter said:April 8th, 2013 (6:29pm) PDT
Thanks for dropping by Kent. And it appears that you too live in an area offering many photographic opportunities. Impressive gallery you have here.
 Pete Steinke said:March 18th, 2013 (10:40am) PDT
Thank you Kent!
 Neal Windsor said:March 3rd, 2013 (12:23pm) PST
Thank You Kent... I Appreciate your wonderful comments & insight on "Shaded of Blue"
 Josep Barbero said:February 28th, 2013 (8:43am) PST
Kent, felicidades por tu galeria de fotos.
 Mark Devereux said:February 27th, 2013 (10:25pm) PST
Thanks very much for your comment on my gallery!
 Richard B said:February 25th, 2013 (8:51am) PST
Thank you Kent for the compliment for "Unexpected" :-) Regards Richard
 Neal Windsor said:February 24th, 2013 (10:18pm) PST
THANKS for your comments on "Garden Party" Kent !!!
 Neal Windsor said:February 24th, 2013 (8:55pm) PST
Thank You Kent for you wonderful comments... Greatly Appreciated
 Ramona Chiasson said:February 24th, 2013 (8:34pm) PST
thank you Kent for comment on Ice Pattern
 Neal Windsor said:February 19th, 2013 (9:51pm) PST
Thanks Kent for stopping by & commenting on my latest addition to my gallery !!! It's Greately Appreciated
 Neal Windsor said:February 11th, 2013 (11:13pm) PST
Thank You Kent for adding me to your snap list... Much Appreciated
 Neal Windsor said:February 8th, 2013 (9:42pm) PST
Kent... THANK YOU, THANK YOU for your comments, It's greatly appreciated !!! Also Kent, you have some realy wonderful shots. Can't wait to see them all...
 Chris Desborough said:January 30th, 2013 (7:51pm) PST
Kent, enjoy Hawaii, we have only been once a few years back. We did go to the big island for a week and Kauai for a week. I'll be looking for your cool insect shots and no doubt some incredible flora and fauna thrown in for good measure. Im on the verge of packing my gear in the truck and driving the hwy to Banff to look for Lynx - just need to figure a way to get a few days away from work.
 Ron Good said:January 19th, 2013 (10:04pm) PST
Thanks again Kent for viewing and commenting, much appreciated.
 marthe said:January 18th, 2013 (4:14am) PST
Congratulations Kent for making the 'spotlight! Well deserved!
  said:January 16th, 2013 (5:27am) PST
Thank you Kent for your visit and comments.
 Ron Good said:January 5th, 2013 (1:08pm) PST
Thanks for your comments Kent. Great macro work you have here.
 Johann breiner said:January 5th, 2013 (9:40am) PST
Thank you very much for your visit and the comments. Many greetings: Johann.
 Richard Bland said:January 5th, 2013 (8:10am) PST
My thanks Kent for your kind words for "Smaller" I appreciate it very much Regards Richard
 Mark Devereux said:January 3rd, 2013 (9:25pm) PST
Kent - thanks very much for your comment on my Vancouver by night photo. Much appreciated!
 Chris Desborough said:January 1st, 2013 (1:04pm) PST
Kent, thanks for the input on the latest pics I put up. Im loving that D4, especially the ISO range, (still figuring it out though).
 Chris Desborough said:December 16th, 2012 (9:05pm) PST
Kent, thanks for the comments/compliments on the Chickahominy Heron. It was the light on the waves that caught my eye as much as the heron itself. regards Chris
 Richard Bland said:December 15th, 2012 (10:28pm) PST
I thank you very much for putting aside some time to comment on "Calm" Appreciate it Regards Richard
 Ángel Arcos said:December 14th, 2012 (10:20am) PST
Gracias Kent por todos tus comentarios, saludos cordiales.
 sas astro said:December 3rd, 2012 (1:34pm) PST
thank you for your recent comment - very much appreciated
 marthe said:November 17th, 2012 (4:46am) PST
Kent, thank you very much for your continued support and kind words. I truly appreciate it! Marthe
 Richard Bland said:November 15th, 2012 (10:25pm) PST
My thanks to you Kent for your compliment for "Freedom"......... We all need a bit of this in our lives ! Regards Richard
 Richard B said:November 8th, 2012 (11:33am) PST
My thanks to you Kent for your compliment for "Spot" I appreciate it Regards Richard
 Richard Bland said:October 14th, 2012 (12:57am) PDT
Thank you Kent for your compliment for "The Crane" Regards Richard :-)))))))
 Brent Fraser said:October 13th, 2012 (7:43pm) PDT
Hi Kent, Thanks for the comments on my images. You have some really great macro work here on your page. Well done!
 Richard Bland said:October 9th, 2012 (10:54pm) PDT
Thanks so much for your support Kent I appreciate it very much. :-) Kind Regards Richard
 marthe said:October 8th, 2012 (3:58pm) PDT
Congratulations Kent, your picture of the red eye frog.. is top rated picture today!
 pandora said:October 8th, 2012 (11:34am) PDT
thanks a lot for all your kind comments, kent! hope you have a great time here :o) steffi
 marthe said:October 8th, 2012 (4:22am) PDT
Kent thank you kindly for your 'visit' and comments on my pictures. Much appreciated.
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