Matt Granz
  •   "Horse Face in the Fire Vortex ..."
  •   "The Golden Blue Hour"
  •   "The Jelly Bean by Night"
  •   "Hwy 412"
  •   "Paul's Valley, Oklahoma"
  •   "Twilight on the Plains"
  •   "The Sky is on Fire"
  •   "Shelf Cloud Madness over Oklah..."
  •   "The Last Tornado"
  •   "Metamorphosis"
  •   "Big Sur Cala-lilies "
  •   "Life on Mars"
  •   "Comet panSTARRS"
  •   "Morning on the Merced"
  •   "Lower Yosemite Falls by Mornin..."
  •   "El Capitan under Winter Clouds"
  •   "Monsoon over Southern Utah"
  •   "The Wizard's Hat and Wand"
  •   "Starry Night over San Francisc..."
  •   "Pescadero Sunset"
  •   "The Horseshoe"
  •   "Happy New Year! (a day late)"
  •   "Reflecting on San Francisco"
  •   "The Stormy Coast"
  •   "China Beach"
  •   "Golden Gate Traffic"
  •   "McClure's Beach Sunset"

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 Peter Baumgarten said:March 22nd, 2013 (5:19am) PDT
You have an amazing gallery of images. Fantastic to look at and be inspired by. Cheers.
 Tom Shacochis said:October 19th, 2012 (5:17am) PDT
I forgive you your trespasses.....if you will forgive order to get the shot. Wonderful series of shots.
 Peter Lessey said:October 17th, 2012 (12:17pm) PDT
I have been through your gallery not once but twice Matt and I have to admit I am totally inspired by your works. Each piece is a labour of love, a love for what you do in photography.
 Michael del Pilar said:September 29th, 2012 (6:19am) PDT
Really appreciate you stopping by to comment on that Mission Peak shot, was like a rock star giving an eyes bugged out when I saw your name, thanks again.
 Marc Grabisch said:July 9th, 2012 (1:48pm) PDT
Truly amazing work! I'd say you've definitely done a superb job capturing that intensity. These are spectacular images.
 Peter Michael said:June 1st, 2012 (10:00am) PDT
Nice work!
 Dave Cox said:May 29th, 2012 (1:56am) PDT
Fabulous gallery Matt!
 Yang Jinfei said:October 17th, 2011 (1:02am) PDT
wow is mazing~~~~
 David S. Chorney said:October 14th, 2011 (4:35pm) PDT your question. I was actually going to answer it, but it started to sound morbid .
 Stephen W. Oachs said:October 13th, 2011 (11:12am) PDT
Welcome to 72 Matt! Looking forward to seeing more of your work. From the looks of it so far, your nickname should be "storm chaser"!
 Jean Day said:August 9th, 2011 (9:27pm) PDT
Hi Mattman! Nice to see're going to add to the fun! :)
 Tonya Hastings said:August 9th, 2011 (9:08pm) PDT
Hi Matt, Welcome to 72dpi. I can't wait to see some great photo's from you. I hope you enjoy the site!
Matt Granz
Antioch, CA
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I am a San Francisco based photographer who tries to achieve intensity in imagery. It's an obsession that drives me daily.

I am fascinated with storm chasing, shooting at night and in interesting areas... and have often trespassed, and been somewhat foolish in order to achieve the images I am sharing.

My goals are to take these subjects and make fine art out of them.

I hope you enjoy my efforts.

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