•   "Ontario Wild Flowers"
  •   "Rainy Days and Sundays...."
  •   "Midnight in the Garden of My M..."
  •   "Got Allergies?"
  •   "Untitled"
  •   "Deep Woods"
  •   "Yukon Find"
  •   "Fishing in the Fog"
  •   "Untitled"
  •   "A little colour for the Winter..."
  •   "19th Nervous Breakdown"
  •   "Misty Winter Day"
  •   "Frozen Sunny Day"
  •   "A Wild Winter Sunset"
  •   "December Snow Storm"
  •   "Golden Sunset"
  •   "Collingwood Ont. "
  •   "Sun Dog"
  •   "This Mornings Snow Storm"
  •   "Waiting for Freeze Up"
  •   "Brighten and Darken..."
  •   "Collingwood Ontario Grain Sil..."
  •   "Untitled"
  •   "Waiting for the Sun"
  •   "Farmers Make the World go Arou..."
  •   "Life in the Country"
  •   "Dinner at Sunset"

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 Brian Winter said:March 21st, 2014 (1:19am) PDT
Many thanks for dropping by Monica, much appreciated. I've just browsed through your gallery and am very impressed indeed. Judging by the contributions to this website, Canada appears to have an abundance of very capable photographers! Am looking forward to future posts.
 Daniel Jackson said:February 7th, 2014 (7:11am) PST
Great work all around Monica! I enjoyed all of them
 Peter Baumgarten said:February 26th, 2013 (4:22am) PST
Thanks for the wonderful comments on some of the work in my gallery. Much appreciated. Is this the same Monica whose work I enjoyed so much at the CG Photo Club. If so, it's great to see you here. If not, it's a case of mistaken identity. Cheers.
 Neal Windsor said:February 24th, 2013 (9:28pm) PST
Once again Monica, Thank You for stopping by & for your wonderful comment on my "Wind Farm III" shot...
 Neal Windsor said:February 14th, 2013 (7:50pm) PST
Thank You Monica for commenting on my "Trees of Moss" shot, I'm Delighted you liked it... thanks again
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