Barbara Jones
  •   "Sunflower, Textured."
  •   "Mormon Row . Teton National Pa..."
  •   "Old Woman . Crete."
  •   "Torrin Sunbeams.. Isle of Skye..."
  •   "Yellowstone National Park. USA..."
  •   "Big Dune. Sossusvlei. Namibia."
  •   "Blaven Malevolent Mood. Scotl..."
  •   "Sunset over Skye. Scotland."
  •   "Glamaig in Winter. Scotland. S..."
  •   "Russell Burn, in Spring. Scotl..."
  •   "Stac Pollaidh Sunrise. Scotlan..."
  •   "Elgol on a good day. Isle of S..."
  •   "Loch Leven. Scotland."
  •   "Coigach Sunrise. Scotland."
  •   "Storm Light. Elgol. Isle of Sk..."
  •   "Eilean Donan Castle. Scotland."
  •   "Sunset Over Rhum. Scotland."
  •   "Loch Lochy, North West Highlan..."

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 Brian Winter said:June 21st, 2012 (6:04pm) PDT
Wow! A totally beautiful photo gallery!
 sas astro said:April 12th, 2012 (2:08pm) PDT
Thanks for your visit and comments Barbara, good to know that in some things we look eye to eye ;-)
 Richard Gaffney said:April 8th, 2012 (4:36pm) PDT
Thanks Barbara for commenting on Sundown.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:April 8th, 2012 (11:47am) PDT
Thanks again Barbara! Appreciated!
 Lorenzo Cassina said:April 8th, 2012 (10:04am) PDT
Barbara, your kind words to my "Good Friday" image is greatly appreciated. Thank you and Happy Easter!
 Leif Rasmussen said:April 7th, 2012 (8:47pm) PDT
Thank you for your comments on "Vintage Muscle". I used Photomatix pro.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:April 1st, 2012 (3:32pm) PDT
Many thanks Barbara! Appreciate your comments to "Coupling."
 Dani Parra said:April 1st, 2012 (1:50pm) PDT
Tus imagenes son fabulosas.
 Richard Gaffney said:April 1st, 2012 (11:18am) PDT
Thank you Barbara.
 John Kimball said:April 1st, 2012 (6:41am) PDT
Many Thanks for your wonderful support Barbara!
 Richard Gaffney said:March 31st, 2012 (5:41pm) PDT
Thank you Barbara for your comments.
 Lorenzo Cassina said:March 30th, 2012 (6:21pm) PDT
Thank you Barbara for including me in your sanplist. Appreciated!
 Jim Nall said:March 29th, 2012 (3:55pm) PDT
Hey Barbara, thanks for commenting on my 'Magnificient Explosion' image. You are too kind!
 Richard Gaffney said:March 29th, 2012 (1:18pm) PDT
Thank you Barbara for your thoughtful comments always Appreciated from a true Artest,regards.
 Michael D. Friedman said:March 29th, 2012 (10:41am) PDT
I'm glad you enjoyed 'Purple Anemone' Barbara. Actually, it wasn't overcast but rather in the shade on the northeast side of a house. Thanks so much for stopping by!
 Tom Shacochis said:March 23rd, 2012 (11:54am) PDT
You were most kind in your comments. I admire what you do....and how you do it. There is a lot of BS on the opinion board...but my opinion of your work is honestly high.
 John Kortland said:March 23rd, 2012 (7:08am) PDT
Just stumbled across your photographs, what superb images and technical expertise. I am in awe of the picture quality of your images and the patience you possess, although I'm a street shooter myself I appreciate all forms of photography and I admire people who can do landscapes as well as you, I've tried but not very sucessfully. Great work, enjoyed viewing it.
 mitsu miya said:March 22nd, 2012 (12:59pm) PDT
Thank you for your kind visit and your kind comments.
 Greg McCown said:March 21st, 2012 (2:20pm) PDT
Great to see you here Barbara. I've greatly enjoyed your work on Flickr for a long time. And it looks even better here.
 Richard Gaffney said:March 21st, 2012 (9:12am) PDT
Thank you very much for taking time to comment.
 Simon Barker said:March 17th, 2012 (11:47pm) PDT
Hi Barbara, thanks for adding me to your snaplist. If you do have a chance to look through my gallery, please know that I am very open to any comments that you see fit to make. I do think that on sites like this constructive comments should be encouraged. If someone takes the time to do that to my photos I am very grateful. I am glad that I found your gallery, as you have some wonderful work. The Scottish Highlands do look amazing and you capture them so well. Regards, Simon.
 Nair Fotografia said:March 16th, 2012 (7:32pm) PDT
Thanks for the link, i ll check it out Barbara
 Lorenzo Cassina said:March 16th, 2012 (5:12pm) PDT
Thank you Barbara for commenting, rating, and making my images your favorite. Truly appreciated!
  said:March 16th, 2012 (2:42pm) PDT
Hello there and thanks for the wonderful comments earlier! Seems I'm so nit-picky and I'm still not completely satisfied with it (Oak Creek) - but you have to put the mind at rest and 'call it a day' somewhere - huh? LOL Thx!
 Nair Fotografia said:March 16th, 2012 (11:31am) PDT
Thanks for your comments Barbara...yeah i wasn't a big fan of the sky either that i did in the Color pop was cloned in from somewhere else :) i didn't get the link you were talking about Luminosity masks..
 Michael D. Friedman said:March 16th, 2012 (11:29am) PDT
Thanks for your visit and kind comments, Barbara.
 Betty Ditscheid said:March 15th, 2012 (11:37am) PDT
Thank you Barbara, Yes, our sunshine is wonderful at he moment. It´s real spring in Vienna, almost 20°C will we get to tomorrow, so hurry up in the nature... But Scotland has a lot favours too ;) Warm regards
  said:March 14th, 2012 (3:08pm) PDT
Yes - by all means, do the dinner thing! (I had to leave for a while) Thanks for the input!!!
  said:March 14th, 2012 (11:34am) PDT
Okay - had a feeling you would ask those questions - so, worked in Lr with your ?'s in mind (wow - how can you ben in 2 places at same time? Telepathic I guess - ha! - #2, changed the WB back to Day and in #3, found sRGB and changed that on both sides - bingo! Thanks Barbara!
  said:March 14th, 2012 (11:10am) PDT
Hey Barbara, do you use Lr3? If so, wanted to ask you a question. Thx.
  said:March 13th, 2012 (6:28pm) PDT
Barbara, Thank you very much for your comment on Young and Naive. Carol
 Johann breiner said:March 13th, 2012 (3:33am) PDT
Thank you " Barbara " for your nice Words in the comments. I wish you a nice day and week. Many greetings: Johann.
 JOE DAVIL said:March 10th, 2012 (9:40pm) PST
Wow, you got it!, I was afraid to include his tutu in the shot!
 mauro pasquero said:March 10th, 2012 (9:17am) PST
Thank you Barbara for your visit and your comment.
 Johann breiner said:March 9th, 2012 (1:06pm) PST
Thank you very much " Barbara " for your nice words in the comments! I wish you and your family a nice weekend! Many greetings: Johann
  said:March 9th, 2012 (11:29am) PST
Barbara, thank you for your comment. I posted the Whelk as a selection not to be voted on. If I really like an image, I'll favor it, otherwise I don't vote on other images either. At the moment, IMO, there's too much game playing going on and while I love photography, and really like view and critiquing images, I don't like some of the silliness. I do hope you understand. Carol
 Karl Williams said:March 9th, 2012 (11:04am) PST
On its way ..
 Karl Williams said:March 9th, 2012 (11:01am) PST
Found it - my home email is working OK - in and out. Check your email in a couple of minutes.
 Anna said:March 9th, 2012 (4:25am) PST
Your work is magnificent, thank you for sharing.
 Jean Day said:March 6th, 2012 (6:46pm) PST
All of your work is most impressive. Welcome and I look forward to seeing more!
 Karl Williams said:March 6th, 2012 (3:06am) PST
Check your mobile - left a text last night!
 Manuel Tello said:March 5th, 2012 (10:07am) PST
Barbara, my computer crashed, I'm in a public place, when I solve my problem remain in touch with you, thank you very much, until then gets a hug Manuel Tello
 Richard Gaffney said:March 4th, 2012 (2:06pm) PST
Thank you Barbara for your nice comments,regards
 peterj said:March 4th, 2012 (5:21am) PST
Thank you for your kind comment, it is deeply appreciated. Your photography is outstanding.
 Opal Westmoreland said:March 3rd, 2012 (5:09pm) PST
Thank You for your nice comment about my photo. Your photos are wonderful...............Opal
 Alberto Carati said:March 3rd, 2012 (9:05am) PST
My photo "the eyes" was taken to the Venice carnival and the person was masked by Berber. The eye color is true but the eyebrows are rigged. The photo wasn't manipulated with photoshop. I only used levels and curves and that's all. Thanks for visiting and for commenting. Have a nice weekend. PS: Sorry for bad English.
 David Galdino said:March 2nd, 2012 (7:18pm) PST
Hey Barbara,thank u for commenting on my photo :)
 Neil Jolly said:March 2nd, 2012 (4:53pm) PST
Thanks for picking up on that pixelated shot Barbara! I didn't look closely at it after the upload. I uploaded and ran off to work! Much appreciated.
 Manuel Tello said:March 2nd, 2012 (4:50pm) PST
Barbara, thanks for visiting, I seem to recall you from 500px, I'm glad to see here
 Nuno Figueira said:March 2nd, 2012 (2:22pm) PST
Hi Barbara! thank you so much for your words, much appreciated...glad that you like it.
 Michael D. Friedman said:March 2nd, 2012 (11:38am) PST
Thanks for your visit, Barbara. Glad you enjoy my work.
 mario pignotti said:March 2nd, 2012 (11:33am) PST
Thank yoy Barbara, I like your title ZZ Top!!
 pandora said:March 2nd, 2012 (11:29am) PST
I want to thank you for your warm comment and appreciation! I'm no pro because noone wants to buy that stuff ;o) seriously, I thought about it. I just don't like to only shot events and people. we'll see... I love your scotland images. will be there soon and looking at them I just getting more and more excited :o) best greetings! steffi
 Richard Gaffney said:March 2nd, 2012 (10:35am) PST
Thanks Barbara for commenting on Hornbill, Just love the eyelashes.
 Alberto Carati said:March 2nd, 2012 (10:08am) PST
Thanks for taking the time to view my images and comment. Have a nice evevning.
 Paul Garrett said:March 1st, 2012 (2:16pm) PST
Hey Barbara, regarding the Namib dunes, the key is making sure that they will be there and open the gates when they are supposed to be opened. This was an issue every morning that we were there.
 Michael D. Friedman said:March 1st, 2012 (11:32am) PST
Thanks so much, Barbara. Your breakfast is probably healthier. :)
  said:February 29th, 2012 (1:04pm) PST
Had to laugh - thanks for the "Damn" comment! Ha! - Well, I really worked on that one too. But anyway - since I'm referring to damn great shots - Sunset Over Rhum!
 Richard Gaffney said:February 29th, 2012 (12:46pm) PST
Great work Barbara,nice to be here,regards.
 James Webeck said:February 29th, 2012 (3:48am) PST
I genuinely appreciate your support Barbara- I have to be honest though, its quite often as much a case of good luck as "Technical" skill, seriously! I just got lucky playing around in that tunnel with my headlight- my first real go at light painting....
  said:February 28th, 2012 (9:21am) PST
Hey there! Thanks for the tip - good to see you and everybody!
 Karl Williams said:February 27th, 2012 (5:01am) PST
This is a bloody good site with a future - let's see if it's as good as it promises to be. Check out the "popular photographers" pages - one or two prime troll suspects in there - it was inevitable I suppose.
 James Webeck said:February 27th, 2012 (12:14am) PST
Really happy to see you here also Barbara- wish I'd found this place before wasting time at that other place! Btw- ripper of a first upload!
 Albert Homs P said:February 26th, 2012 (12:42pm) PST
Hello my friend!
I'm Albert Homs and as I've had problems in the computer and now I can not go to the user I created (we were friends), I had to create this new user!
I hope I can get back to friend and apologize for the inconvenience!
Have a very nice day my friend!
 Paul McConville said:February 26th, 2012 (9:42am) PST
Thanks so much, Barbara!
 Johann breiner said:February 25th, 2012 (3:57pm) PST
Hallo Barbara ich glaube das das Objektiv von Canon 2,8/100mmIS noch besser ist als das welches ich bei der Aufnahme benutzt habe, 2,8/100mm Tamron. Danke Ihnen für den netten Kommentar,Gruß: Johann
 Carl Parow said:February 25th, 2012 (2:58pm) PST
Nice to see you, Barbara :-)
 Bob Duff said:February 25th, 2012 (12:17pm) PST
Let me try this again...system lost my first attempt..welcome Barbara. Good to have you posting here. Wonderful reflection and georgeous light.
 John Purchase said:February 25th, 2012 (10:24am) PST
Karl, it would serve 500px right if everyone jumped ship and signed up over here.
 Barbara Jones said:February 25th, 2012 (10:15am) PST
Ah, I see...this is the Wall equivalent...
Yeah, a huge number migrated in the past few we get welfare payments ??
 Karl Williams said:February 25th, 2012 (5:51am) PST
LOL - this must be the site for 500px refugess!
 Neil Jolly said:February 24th, 2012 (9:36pm) PST
Welcome aboard Barbara!
 Paul Garrett said:February 24th, 2012 (3:38pm) PST
Hi Barbara, good to see you here.
 Albert Homs said:February 24th, 2012 (1:24pm) PST
Hello Barbara!!!!!!!
  said:February 24th, 2012 (12:57pm) PST
Barbara, Thank you for the comment on the Tea Rose. I'm looking forward to seeing your images.

 pat sampson said:February 24th, 2012 (12:27pm) PST
Good to see you here Barbara. I think your work will be very well received here. It certainly will be by me anyway. (smile)

  said:February 24th, 2012 (12:07pm) PST
Barbara, we didn't meet over there but I sure hope it works here. fingers are crossed. Welcome.

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