Rob Dietz
  •   "Yellow Warbler"
  •   "Eastern Bluebird"
  •   "Sandhill Crane"
  •   "Dark-eyed Junco"
  •   "Common Grackle"
  •   "American Robin"
  •   "Red-winged Blackbird - female"
  •   "Canada Goose"
  •   "Red-winged Blackbird"
  •   "White-throated Sparrow"
  •   "Mute Swan"
  •   "American Tree Sparrow"
  •   "Bald Eagle - immature"
  •   "Cold"
  •   "Cooper's Hawk - immature"
  •   "Brown-headed Cowbird female"
  •   "Muskrat"
  •   "Great Blue Heron"
  •   "White-tailed Deer"
  •   "Cooper's Hawk"
  •   "Eastern Gray Squirrel"
  •   "Red-tailed Hawk - adult"
  •   "Mourning Dove"
  •   "Green Frog"
  •   "Red-bellied Woodpecker"
  •   "Red-winged Blackbird"
  •   "Mallard - duck"

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 Al said:October 20th, 2017 (12:56pm) PDT
Hello Rob. Beautiful gallery. I was researching some ancestors & found this site. I have Pauline Monck descended from Herbert Rowse MONCK & Elsa Karau who had married a Rob Dietz. I was just wondering if you are related to this line. The Rowse & Monck's are from Belmont, North Dorchester Township south of London ON. Herbert's mom was Bernice Rowse who was a cousin to my mom. Herbert's obit had Mrs. Paulin Dietz (Rob) of Leamington which is how I got to here. My name is Al
 Rob Harp said:June 23rd, 2016 (12:59pm) PDT
Excellent imagery you have here Rob! Congrats. Keep up the good work!
 Aslinah Safar said:December 1st, 2014 (5:31pm) PST
Thanks for your kind comment.
 Brian Winter said:July 19th, 2014 (2:48pm) PDT
A gallery of wildlife. And a good looking gallery it is!
 Mark Salamon said:June 29th, 2014 (2:23pm) PDT
Looks like you spend a good amount of time on your nature work. Well done
 Bill Debley said:October 5th, 2013 (9:54am) PDT
Rob, Thanks for your comment, much appreciated. I looked at your body of work. Some beautiful wildlife shots.
 Rob Dietz said:July 6th, 2013 (7:14am) PDT
Thanks Tom! I prefer to comment if I like a photo. I never really figured out the whole engagement thing anyway.
 Tom Shacochis said:July 6th, 2013 (5:32am) PDT
I think your engagement score....which I noted by ridiculous. Comments take more time than hitting a button....and I'm lousy at it! Congrats! :)
 Rob Dietz said:June 11th, 2013 (2:18pm) PDT
I'm glad you liked my work.
 Pamela Palmer said:June 10th, 2013 (7:50pm) PDT
Love your gallery! Appreciate your eye and patience.
 Rob Dietz said:April 21st, 2013 (9:23am) PDT
Thanks Robert!
 Robert Donofrio said:April 17th, 2013 (10:49am) PDT
Great collection of wildlife. What experiences.
 Rob Dietz said:March 16th, 2013 (2:13pm) PDT
Can't beat a Lab!
 Neal Windsor said:March 12th, 2013 (10:28pm) PDT
Rob... I'd like to Thank You for Your Visits, Wonderful Comments and Insights on my Gallery, especially "Lonesome Me"... Your a wise man, Thanks Again
 Rob Dietz said:February 28th, 2013 (4:39pm) PST
Usted es muy agradable!
 Ángel Arcos said:February 28th, 2013 (4:17am) PST
Hola Rob, gracias por tus comentarios, saludos cordiales.
 Mark Devereux said:February 16th, 2013 (4:48pm) PST
Hi Rob - thanks very much for your comment on my Gibson Girl series. Cheers!
 Richard Bland said:February 3rd, 2013 (10:44am) PST
Thank you Rob for the compliment for "Lonely" It certainly was quite a find ! Regards Richard
 Chris Desborough said:January 30th, 2013 (7:31pm) PST
Hi Rob, thanks for the Barn owl comments and input, that was my thoughts too but just wasn't sure if they had Barn owls in Hawaii - guess they do!
 Richard Gaffney said:January 28th, 2013 (4:30pm) PST
Thank you Rob for your comments.
 Jenny Molnar said:January 25th, 2013 (3:54am) PST
Thank you for you kind comment! :-)
 Ron Good said:January 19th, 2013 (9:24pm) PST
Thanks for your comment on Wildfire wildflowers, although it's hard to watch an area burn I agree it really gives the area a new life.
 Chris Desborough said:January 19th, 2013 (3:05pm) PST
Many thanks on the Big Horn Ram there Rob, much appreciated.
 C. A. Piper said:January 18th, 2013 (8:55am) PST
Thanks for the visit to the "Wee Baby Robin" Greatly appreciated. Your gallery is outstanding..........
  said:January 16th, 2013 (5:25am) PST
Thank you for your visit and comments.
 Ron Good said:January 5th, 2013 (1:13pm) PST
Thanks for your comment on Eastern Slopes.
 Jade Carbone said:January 5th, 2013 (7:49am) PST
Thanks so much for you kind comment on "Touched", please tell your wife I thank her very much! Happy Saturday
 Chris Desborough said:January 1st, 2013 (1:09pm) PST
Many thanks Rob on the Bald Eagle comments. The D4 ISO range certainly makes a huge difference when the light is completely going. Happy New year to you.
 Monica Siri said:December 28th, 2012 (8:59am) PST
Thanks for your comment, Rob. Very appreciated. Happy New Year!!
 Richard Bland said:December 23rd, 2012 (11:49pm) PST
Thank you very much Rob for the compliment for "Meeting" And have a very inspired Christmas and New year Regards Richard :-)
 Richard Gaffney said:December 19th, 2012 (3:51am) PST
Thank you for commenting.
 Chris Desborough said:December 17th, 2012 (7:22pm) PST
Thanks again for the comments Rob. Right behind (literally 3 or 4 ft behind) the goats was a vertical drop of about 2500-3000ft, then across the opening of about 1/4 of a mile was the other hillside, which I figured would be best out of focus.
 Laura Sample said:December 17th, 2012 (7:17pm) PST
Hi Rob, It is good to see you on this site. I am slowly switching over from CGPC. I am so saddened with what has happened with the club. It feels like I have lost many friends. I still post the odd shot there in hopes they will fix things but I am loosing faith. I am traveling again so will post infrequently for a little while but will keep a watch out for your work. Thanks for looking me up. Laura
 Chris Desborough said:December 16th, 2012 (5:02pm) PST
Rob, catching kingfishers is (like anything else) just time and patience. Quite often they don't cooperate and will fly off at the first sign of disturbance. This little guy was feasting so much he was just happy to keep an eye on me from a distance. Having a 600mm lens really helps.
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I have spent the past 35 years protecting and managing Natural Resources. During this time I have observed declines many species and yet there does not appear to be a public outcry. I believe that this is because the majority of people are not aware of what is out there to appreciate. My goal is to take photos to show folks what they can see if they slow down and look around. With appreciation comes protection. Having just retired I hope to expand this effort.

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