Sara Oliveira Alves Correia
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  •   "dreamy"
  •   "falésia, vilamoura - portugal"
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  •   "hearts"
  •   "hiding"
  •   "Blossom"
  •   "stairs"
  •   "Art"
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  •   "favourite fruits"
  •   "the cutest couple"
  •   "come find me"
  •   "beauty left behind"
  •   "Mask"
  •   "Love letters"
  •   "Artist"
  •   "waiting for you and me"
  •   "Boats coming and leaving "
  •   "boats and broken hearts"
  •   "angry"
  •   "Good vibrations"
  •   "grumpy"
  •   "sweet girl"
  •   "green, yellow and red"

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 Alberto Carati said:July 21st, 2012 (8:40am) PDT
Nice gallery, look forward to viewing more of your works. Have a nice day.
Sara Oliveira Alves Correia
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Joined Jul 19th, 2012
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I am an amateur photographer. This means I do it for "amor" (love)

I'm not willing to become a professional but I know I will love doing photography until I die.

To me it's a collection of moments and emotions that will never fade way. Things can change, people can grow old or stay apart, but the picture of that unique moment will stay the same forever.

One thing that really makes me happy? If a photograph of mine awakens someone's emotions and touches someone's soul.

I hope my friends and family can see in my pictures how much I love them. And I hope that I can make others see through my eyes how much I do love every little simple amazing thing in life, in nature, in a strangers´expression.

I feel like I could revisit every place I have been at, knowing that there will always be something new to discover. Because it happens to me even in the daily routines.

Being addicted to shooting makes us more curious, more prone to different perspectives, to see and interpret everything around us. It stimulates creativity. And the ability to discover something beautiful and special in the most of the common situations.

Sou fotógrafa amadora.

ou seja, faço fotografias por amor. :)

Não ambiciono ser profissional. Mas sei que vou amar fotografias até morrer.

Para mim são coleções de momentos e de emoções que ao agarrar numa imagem, perpetuo e partilho.

Uma coisa que me deixa feliz? Quando uma fotografia minha desperta alguma emoção à alma de outra pessoa.

à família e aos amigos... espero que consigam ver nas fotografias que faço de vocês, o quanto eu vos amo.

Aos lugares onde já fui, poderia voltar sabendo que sempre existirá algo novo para descobrir. Porque isso me acontece mesmo nos sítios por onde passo todos os dias.

Ser viciado em fotografar faz-nos despertar, estar mais atentos, analisar perspectivas diferentes, ver e interpretar tudo que nos rodeia. Estimula a criatividade. E a capacidade de descobrir algo belo e especial na mais comum das situações.

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