Paolo Maffioletti
  •   "The lion's coming"
  •   "the flight"
  •   "Reflection of lions"
  •   "Little woodpecker"
  •   "A Karen Blixen tribute"
  •   "African roller chest lilac"
  •   "Declaration of love - Kenya We..."
  •   "Cheetahs and photographers"
  •   "Shadow - Tanzania Seronera"
  •   "Free climbing"
  •   "Kilimanjaro"
  •   "Heron in the mars"
  •   "Zebras in the light"
  •   "Amboseli sunrise"
  •   "For sale!!!!!"
  •   "Ehi!! No photo please!!!"
  •   "Hello mom!!"
  •   "Air view"
  •   "The buffalo are coming"
  •   "Alone at sunset"
  •   "Sexy climbing"
  •   "The sunset with elephants"
  •   "Look at me"
  •   "Migration"
  •   "Nice to meet you!!!!"
  •   "Eagle fly - take off"
  •   "Mom's tail"

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 mitsu miya said:July 19th, 2012 (7:33am) PDT
Thank you for your kind comments.
 Irfan Nabi said:July 19th, 2012 (1:21am) PDT
Being new to the site, it`s taking time for me to understand the settings of this page, hence delay in responding...glad you liked my 'enlightened...' Thanks loads Paolo.
 mitsu miya said:July 10th, 2012 (7:01am) PDT
Thank you for your kind comments.
 mitsu miya said:June 29th, 2012 (11:44pm) PDT
Hello Paolo. Thank you for your kind comments.
 Bernard Kwek said:June 26th, 2012 (7:39am) PDT
Hi Paolo, thank you for stopping by and your comment. Cheers!
 mitsu miya said:June 12th, 2012 (8:18am) PDT
Thank you for your kind visit and your kind comments.
 Andrea Marinelli said:June 1st, 2012 (1:01pm) PDT
Ciao Paolo e ben arrivato con i tuoi stupendi lavori.
 Eva Lechner said:June 1st, 2012 (3:13am) PDT
Welcome Paolo,nice to see you here!
Paolo Maffioletti
Bergamo, Lombardia
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Nature photographer, i've traveled a lot in the parks of Africa. Is a pleasure for me to photograph animals in their natural environment, i love the savannas and deserts and i'm also interested of local ethnic groups. I live and work in Bergamo - Italy. Photography is for me to play with light and record the world in the future will not be like now. Thanks for visiting

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