Chris MacDonald
  •   "Stroll in the snow"
  •   "Beautiful girl"
  •   "Big ol' bear!"
  •   "Love is in the air!"
  •   "Itchy marten"
  •   "Seal you later!"
  •   "I see you!"
  •   "Winter wonderland"
  •   "Old man"
  •   "Standing out"
  •   "The chase!"
  •   "Big stretch"
  •   "Snowy world"
  •   "Exaggeration"
  •   "Can't reach"
  •   "I wanna play!"
  •   "Looking back! "
  •   "A poets companion"
  •   "Big Yawn!"
  •   "Piano bear"
  •   "Growly"
  •   "I see a bug! "
  •   "Jay on a branch"
  •   "Sea of snow"
  •   "Hide and seek"
  •   "Warmer days"
  •   "Cold day"

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Chris MacDonald
Brantford, Ontario
 Advanced Amateur

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Joined May 21st, 2016
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I was always around animals growing up. My parents were professional handlers and owned a boarding kennel. I went to my first dog show at 6 days old. I travelled with them all summer every year and when I wasn't needed to help I was out exploring and wandering the area wherever the dog show was. When they retired I continued my desire to be out wandering and went camping with just me and a friend for the first time at 14 years old with an old canvas tent and a sleeping bag that had wandered the national parks with my sister in the 70's. I instantly fell in love with it and went whenever I could. The peace and quiet of being out in nature was calming to me and the chance to see animals in the wild always kept me intrigued.

In 2012 I reconnected with an old friend who was a professional photographer and did a few trips with her just to see different places. I bought a little point in shoot to keep a record of my travels. It didn't take long for the photography bug to bite and I bought my first DSLR in 2013 and the rest is history. I get to combine my love of being out in nature and a new found love of travel and photography all combined into one and barely spend a weekend without a camera in my hand.

Since 2013 I've been published internationally in newspapers and magazines as well as several successful photography contest entries.


2nd place - 2015 Nature Canada Photography Contest

Honourable mention - 2015 National Wildlife Federation Contest.

2nd place - 2015 Outdoor Canada photography competition

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Atlantic Puffin
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