Stephen Z
  •   "Dandy"
  •   "Large or small"
  •   "Real Close"
  •   "Stunner"
  •   "Memorial Bell"
  •   "Hidden Beauty"
  •   "Little Bud"
  •   "Expectant"
  •   "Local Park"
  •   "More Whiteness"
  •   "Tourists"
  •   "Flower Tower"
  •   "Attention Seeker"
  •   "Moggykins"
  •   "Local Park"
  •   "I don't play golf"
  •   "Intruder"
  •   "Empty House"
  •   "Nicey Whitey"
  •   "Cascade"
  •   "Mum's Bloomer"
  •   "Hot Hog"
  •   "Buggy"
  •   "Sheepsies"
  •   "A Rose is a Rose"
  •   "The Power of Purple"
  •   "So bright"

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 Stephen Z said:May 6th, 2017 (7:23am) PDT
Thank you Jenny, what lovely words of welcome.
 Jenny Stevens said:May 6th, 2017 (7:21am) PDT
I have only been to Wales once, but I sure loved the people. Lovely capture and welcome to 72dpi....
Stephen Z
Wrexham, Wales

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Seesay Smith

Very much an amateur when it comes to photography, having only picked up a camera in a serious way about 12 months ago.

I generally photograph whatever I find interesting whenever I'm out walking.

The three cameras I've used in the past twelve months are a Sony DSC-W830, Sony NEX-3 and my current Sony NEX-7.

Update: Having lost access to the internet at home (due to my tablet imploding and not being financially stable enough to buy new equipment), I can only get on here when I access the site using the PC's in my local library. So I'll reply to any messages/comments when I'm able.

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