Brian Swales LRPS
  •   "Jet skier"
  •   "Peek a boo!"
  •   "Blea Tarn"
  •   "Keep tight hold!"
  •   "What's that buzzing I hear?"
  •   "Peyto Lake"
  •   "The Fallen Segment"
  •   "Orange and Lemons"
  •   "Rusty pick up"
  •   "Young volunteers"
  •   "Pounding the sea defences!"
  •   "Just what are they looking at?"
  •   "St. Mary's lighthouse "
  •   "Hold tight !"
  •   "Rainbow Point, Bryce Canyon"
  •   "Tasman Lake"
  •   "Flash past"
  •   "High seas"
  •   "Beautiful Bryce Canyon"
  •   "Light in the shadows"
  •   "Competition entry"
  •   "Staithes panorama"
  •   "Low flying Puffin"
  •   "Grand Prismatic Spring"
  •   "Secret Canyon"
  •   "Slot canyon"
  •   "Flying head on!"

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 Pamela Bole said:March 5th, 2015 (1:57pm) PST
Beautiful Gallery Brian!
Brian Swales LRPS
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Retired since 2002 and loving it . . . . I tell people it's the best job I have had since leaving school!

Bought my first SLR in 1966 a Zenith. Over the years I progressed through Praktica, Pentax, Minolta and as cameras became more sophisticated I used them solely in automatic mode. When the digital era arrived this reawakened my interest in using a camera to its full potential, rather than relying on the camera to make all the decisions. I now use a Nikon 300s digital SLR camera with several lenses.

I enjoy taking all manner of photographs and I try, if possible, to look for a different angle to an image.

In May 2014 I gained the Licentiateship of the Royal Photographic Society.

"The best pictures are uninvited, they're suddenly there in front of you . . . . easy to see but difficult to catch." Jane Bown, Photographer.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand.” Ansel Adams

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