Camille Lopez
  •   "Sky"
  •   "Through the trees"
  •   "The light house"
  •   "Lovers Cove"
  •   "Gentle lily"
  •   "Rain Forest"
  •   "Resting Branch"
  •   "Honor The King"
  •   "Old Glory"
  •   "Pink Home"
  •   "Pink Tide"
  •   "The family"
  •   "solo swimmer"
  •   "sailing"
  •   "sweet kitty"
  •   "by the sea"
  •   "Setting sun"
  •   "Morro Bay"
  •   "nummers"
  •   "DownTown"
  •   "Saks"
  •   "The Grand view"
  •   "Grumpy"
  •   "Single red rose"
  •   "oceanside"
  •   "mountain mist"
  •   "majestic"

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 Lorenzo Cassina said:June 4th, 2012 (10:07pm) PDT
Hello Camille! I am happy to know you liked my recent post and thank you for your continued support. Greatly appreciated! I feel I have missed a lot of your images. Forgive me! Lorenzo
 Manuel Lancha said:May 27th, 2012 (11:38pm) PDT
Congratulations Camille, I love your work
 Tim Butler said:May 15th, 2012 (8:39am) PDT
One other comment....that was my first trip back to Venice Beach in about 10 years. Much was the same or similar but it was interesting to note how many people wanted to be paid for taking their picture. Sign of the economic times I suppose.
 Tim Butler said:May 15th, 2012 (8:36am) PDT
Thank you Camille for your visit and comments. But it seems that your "Likes" are not registering, assuming you are clicking the Like button. I did have a great time on Venice Beach Saturday morning though. You do know all the spots and characters don't you!
 Lorenzo Cassina said:April 30th, 2012 (7:29pm) PDT
Thank you Camille for your great comments to my "Florida Alligator." Much appreciated! Lorenzo
 Lorenzo Cassina said:April 29th, 2012 (5:38pm) PDT
Camille, many thanks for stopping by to comment on my "Naples Beach" image. Much appreciated! Lorenzo
 Cathy Donohoue said:April 25th, 2012 (10:43am) PDT
Thanks for taking the time to view my photo "Closing Night." It was my intention to use the overblown rose as I had been following it since the bud.
 susan custer said:April 22nd, 2012 (9:31pm) PDT
Hello Camille, thank you for taking the time to view my Eyes on the Bay image. Thank you for comment, very much appreciate.
Camille Lopez
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camille lopez

I was born in Massachusetts, moved to Kansas as a young teen, and now reside in sunny California. I first was introduced to photography as a very young child. My mother was a freelance photographer with a darkroom of her own, I used to help her develop her work. The dawning of the computer age opened my eyes to scanning photographs onto my computer and editing them. The arrival of the digital camera excited my passion for beauty. I soon found myself needing to capture the essence of the environment in which I found myself. The digital camera allowed me to hone my skill in recreating what I saw in my minds eye. I draw and paint in oils as a hobby, it is this mind set that allows me to see photographs as art rather then just a picture to shoot. I love every aspect of photography and eagerly look forward to each new experience to help me advance in my chosen field

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