Ron Good
  •   "Castle in the Fog"
  •   "River Beauty"
  •   "Red Rock"
  •   "Castle Valley, Utah"
  •   "The Woods"
  •   "Storm"
  •   "First Light"
  •   "Bighorn"
  •   "Aspen Fog"
  •   "Takkakaw Falls"
  •   "Hartley Castle"
  •   "Moses Falls"
  •   "Ten Peaks Rainbow"
  •   "Impact"
  •   "End Of Day"
  •   "Abraham Lake Stump"
  •   "Abraham Lake"
  •   "Two Rocks"
  •   "Ice on the rocks."
  •   "Bull Moose"
  •   "Whitetail"
  •   "Sacred Grounds"
  •   "Dreaming Horses"
  •   "Fireweed"
  •   "New Moose"
  •   "Crocus"
  •   "McDougall Church"

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 Ron Dubreuil said:January 13th, 2018 (5:14am) PST
Hi Ron, You have some stunning work, bravo, very well done. I appreciate your kind comment on my work. I just found and joined the site yesterday, I'm looking forward to posting more in the next few days. Thanks again and happy shooting... Ron
 Aslinah Safar said:December 5th, 2014 (1:23pm) PST
Hello Ron. Thanks for your kind comment on my photo appreciated. You have amazing gallery here. Thumbs up!
 Kent Wirtanen said:March 21st, 2014 (7:12pm) PDT
Thanks a bunch for all the kind words on my shots. It means a lot to me, especially coming from a photographer as good as yourself.
 marthe said:January 21st, 2014 (3:13pm) PST
Thank you very much Ron for your recent comments! much appreciated!
 JACKY BALDERAS said:August 9th, 2013 (8:31pm) PDT
Hi Ron, Thank you so much for your kind words on my photo...Have a wonderful Weekend!
 marthe said:June 26th, 2013 (5:09am) PDT
Hello Ron, Thank you for your comment on the ‘SwallowTail’ picture.. To answer yor question on the flower : According to the Ryal Ontario Museum Field Guide to wildflowers in Ontario The name of this flower is ‘Orange Hawkweed » or Devil’s-paintbrush.. They say that : ‘The ancient belief that hawk’s good eyesight resulted from their swooping over the flowers led to the name of ‘Hawkweed’ it is also reported that Natives used this flower in remedies for eyes.. Marthe
 Larry Lancaster said:June 25th, 2013 (8:28pm) PDT
It looks like a trip to AB is in my future. Great shots, all.
 Pamela Palmer said:June 10th, 2013 (11:29am) PDT
impressive portfolio. Love your perspective and willingness to share what you see.
 Neal Windsor said:March 13th, 2013 (12:35pm) PDT
Ron, I'd Like to Thank You for you recent visits and Wonderful comments... They're Greatly Appreciated !!!
Ron Good
Innisfail, Alberta
 Advanced Amateur

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Joined Jan 4th, 2013
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Advanced amateur, photographing nature from landscape to macro, when not at work I can usually be found, or not, out in nature searching out another landscape shot.

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