Selaru Ovidiu
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Selaru Ovidiu
London, London

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Joined Sep 23rd, 2018
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I am a 37 years old dreamer, born and raised in an artsy family in the northern part of Romania, where my love for landscaping and passion to create things with my own hands have always been nurtured and encouraged by my parents. I have been living and working in London for the past 9 years now, pursuing better career opportunities that would have been unreachable had I remained back home in Romania.

I have been nursing fantasies about the photo shooting art since I was a young boy. Back home, I used to watch my father painting and create his amazing drawings on canvas. I first dreamt of becoming an artist, just like my father never happened, I felt I was never as good as he was. I pay homage to his talent and artistic spirit through my work today.

I started realeasing my creative flows in photography about 5-6 years ago, when out of the sudden I begun collecting emotions through the lens of my camera. Educated in mechanical engineering, with a sense for exact sciences and geometry of things in life, I feel that I can capture specific emotions when the right angle of colour and light it's applied. The black-and-white photography segment is the one niche that I best identity myself with...with a bit of an 'eternal snapshot' twist. I like capturing the quintessence of someone's inner beauty and nostalgia. I feel I have a different experience than the classic stream as my models often tell me that I am able to metaphorically transpose their souls into black and white memorabilia, which lasts for eternity. All my portraits capture a unique artistic trait, they all in fact define in the clearest and simpler way my creative patterns.

I have been awarded the first place in the international photography contest by Cityscape BW and my photographs frequently appear and are commented in MonoPix magazine. My camera is my best companion on the streets of London and I never miss an opportunity to capture the special flavour of an after- rain street landscape or the unspoken charm of a surprising sunset.

People say that one photo means more than a 1,000 words...I personally like saying that beauty in photography cannot be limited by words. I do not narrow down my interests into strictly portrait or landscape niches, I just seek new perspectives, I play with angles and architectural geometry of space around me. I only rely on my instinct, I do not rationalize a move or a motion...I rarely set expectations, I just let the nature do its job...

Sixth sense cannot be explained, talent cannot be x-rayed, and so heart-felt art cannot be disliked...I feel inspired by many things and people around me, I learn new photo techniques everyday. All of this allows me to grow and develop my skills. Follow your heart, follow your instinct, and you will never fail to voyage your unique journey from simple passion to complex form of communication.

For those interested to find out more about my work, please visit below websites and links

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