"Truckee River in Tahoe"  © Pamela Bole
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(@rdubreuil) Ron Dubreuil said:January 16th, 2018 (2:39am) PST
Awesome shot Pam, postcard perfect.
@pamelabole replied: Awwwww......thank you!!! It is hard to miss in an area like Tahoe....such beautiful country!! : )
(@DavMob) Davide M said:August 12th, 2015 (12:32am) PDT
Wow... It's a breathtaking view!
@pamelabole replied: Thank you Davide!!! : )
(@AleksandarVasic) Aleksandar Vasic said:May 27th, 2015 (9:10am) PDT
@pamelabole replied: Thank you!!!! : )
(@ferpat) Fernando Carazo said:May 12th, 2015 (4:12am) PDT
Great capture Pamela!!
@pamelabole replied: Thank you Fernando!!! : )
(@ricklephotographe) Rick Constantineau said:May 6th, 2015 (7:12pm) PDT
Love it Pamela !!
@pamelabole replied: Thanks Rick....I really appreciate it!!!! : )
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:May 3rd, 2015 (10:18pm) PDT
Hi Pamela, Thanks for jarring me into looking in. You asked how I'm doing and I think, ok. I was warned by the hospice people who were caring for my wife that weight gain is a very common problem for grievers and I'm proving that true, but overall I'm ok.
@pamelabole replied:  I'm so glad my "check-in" on you resulted in your beautiful hummingbird post. I can't imagine what you are going through....but you are in my thoughts and prayers. I hope your love of photography helps you through these tough times! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos!!! : ) Take care Charlie!!!!
(@stephenoachs) Stephen W. Oachs said (72dpi Admin):April 28th, 2015 (5:03pm) PDT
Great capture Pamela and nice gallery of pics too!
@pamelabole replied: Thank you Stephen....your comments mean so much! : )
(@JPatterson) Jerry Patterson said:April 27th, 2015 (7:05am) PDT
Whoa ! Love this winter scene !
@pamelabole replied: Thank you appreciated! : )
(@Mauritta) Greg Mclemore said:April 26th, 2015 (11:12pm) PDT
Quite stunning
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so much Greg!! : )
(@brio) Brian Swales LRPS said:April 23rd, 2015 (10:43am) PDT
What a superb image, could be made into a Christmas card!
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so much Brian...I appreciate you looking and your kind comments! : )
(@radar7792) DuWayne said:April 23rd, 2015 (6:57am) PDT
Very nice image, nice wall art!
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so much Roger!!! : )
(@kiwibrian) Brian Winter said:April 22nd, 2015 (1:42am) PDT
Really nice shot Pamela. The most attractive 'cold weather' photograph I've seen in a while. And of special interest to me because although I've ridden in the Tahoe area 2 or 3 times when visiting the USA, I've never been up there during winter. Quite different!
@pamelabole replied: Hi Brian! Thank you so much for your kind comments! The Tahoe area is beautiful year round! : )Although there is snow in this is way less than this area "normally" gets during the "winter" months. We have been told that the snow pack is 1/3 of what it normally is for this time of the year. This will be the third year that California has received record low levels of precipitation. : ( Hopefully next year will be different! Thanks again for looking!
(@ferpat) Fernando Carazo said:April 20th, 2015 (4:09am) PDT
Beautiful capture Pamela
@pamelabole replied: Thank you Fernando!!! : )
(@stevegold425) Steve Goldschmidt said:April 18th, 2015 (12:44pm) PDT
Gorgeous Pamela! Real nice balance with so much white and the compositional line of the river is very effective! Great work
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so much appreciated!!!!! : )
(@JimNall) Jim Nall said:April 15th, 2015 (6:31am) PDT
Pamela, this is what I call a 'wall hanger'!!! As gorgeous a winter scene as I've seen in my life. This belongs in a Nat'l Geo special! LOL
@pamelabole replied: brought a big smile to my are so kind! Thanks for always looking and, so appreciated!!
(@Marthe) marthe said:April 12th, 2015 (11:49pm) PDT
Superb !
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so, so much Marthe!!!! : )
(@LauraSample) Laura Sample said:April 12th, 2015 (10:39am) PDT
A beautiful capture but I didn't expect so much white!
@pamelabole replied: Thank you Laura for your kind appreciated!!!The Sierra's have really been hit hard this year with an unusually low snow fall this year....sadly! This not only effects the ski resorts and related jobs, but effects the whole of California, who counts on the snow pack to provide water to the cities and farms. I'm hoping next year all of my Eastern Canadian and Eastern United States friends can share some of the their unwanted snow and send it to California as either rain or snow! ; )
(@MarkRobinson) Mark Robinson said:April 12th, 2015 (5:47am) PDT
What an amazing shot Pamela....... it's a beauty.
Nice to see you finally got snow............. :)
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so much Mark! The Tahoe area has not gotten very much snow this year....this shot was actually captured during one of the few storms that the area received....and, as you can's accumulation wasn't much to speak of! I think the snow accumulation is about 1/3 of the "normal"! Oh well....better some then none!
(@Bobby2853) Robert Donofrio said:April 11th, 2015 (8:58pm) PDT
Beautiful use of light and color
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so, so much Robert!!! I appreciate your kind comments! : )
(@PicturePost) john edward said:April 11th, 2015 (3:18am) PDT
Beautiful location...Nice depth and exposure....quality work Pamela!
@pamelabole replied: You are so kind John!!!.... I so appreciate you taking the time to view and comment on my photos!
(@TimDuffus) Tim Duffus said:April 10th, 2015 (5:36pm) PDT
Beautiful shot Pamela.
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so much Tim!!!
(@ramonachiassongmailcom) Ramona Chiasson said:April 9th, 2015 (6:41am) PDT
love it when you post..Pamela..great shot and lovely scene
@pamelabole replied: You are so kind Ramona!!! ...thank you for your support!!! : )
(@KENBURROWS) Ken Burrows said:April 9th, 2015 (6:40am) PDT
That is such stunning beauty! A superb capture, Pamela with great reflections on the water.
@pamelabole replied: Thank you so very much Ken...the Sierra Mountains/Tahoe area is so beautiful!
(@MitchG) Michel Gagnon said:April 9th, 2015 (6:14am) PDT
Wow...such a beautiful scene and an excellent photo Pamela!..great capture...nice work...thanks for sharing...
@pamelabole replied: Thank you Michel for your kind words....means a lot!!! : )

Pamela Bole
 Advanced Amateur

View from trail along the Truckee River, Tahoe area, California

Uploaded: Apr 8th, 2015 (9:33pm)
Category: Landscape
Camera: NIKON D7000
Focal Length: 28 mm
Aperture: f/11
Shutter Speed: 1/500 sec
ISO: 400

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