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(@royhenryphotography) royhenry photography said:August 28th, 2017 (8:15am) PDT
Beautiful Collage, Bill, fine work.
(@pamelabole) Pamela Bole said:April 10th, 2016 (12:03am) PDT
Why now, aren't we the creative one!!! ; ) hahaha!!!! Great idea and thanks for sharing your technique.....great idea! Beautiful shots!!!
@billdebley replied: Thanks Pam, It really works, and even with a $1000.00 macro on a DSLR you can't get flowers that are less than a foot off the ground!
(@beenthere101) Merry Meier said:April 9th, 2016 (8:52pm) PDT
Very interesting photo technique. love the idea of using a mirror! Im going to have to try that! great idea! You have achieved some nice photos.
@billdebley replied: It really works for shooting something in a way you haven't seen before!
(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:April 8th, 2016 (8:12am) PDT
I find your information extremely informative and interesting. You got great results with this delightful collage.
@billdebley replied: Thanks so much! If you get your hands on a makeup mirror it's worth trying!
(@ramonachiassongmailcom) Ramona Chiasson said:April 8th, 2016 (6:09am) PDT
you are getting very creative..nice Bill
@billdebley replied: Thanks! It really works!

Bill Debley
 Advanced Amateur

Experimenting doing ‘macro’ by shooting the reflections in a 5X magnifying make-up mirror! It has several advantages. You get 5X optical magnification (that’s equivalent to a 250 mm lens), added fill light from the ring light on the makeup mirror, shallow depth of field, and a controlled soft background. You can select a background by angling the mirror.These shots were captured using a Canon S110 Powershot S110 Point ‘n Shoot. The beauty of shooting the reflection in the mirror rather than the actual subject is that you can shoot at f8 or smaller because the short DOF is “built-in” by the 5X mirror. A very easy and inexpensive way to get those normally difficult macro shots. It works especially well for those wild flowers that are less than a foot off the ground or that bloom that is in a plant that you cannot get under.

Uploaded: Apr 7th, 2016 (3:14pm)
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