"The Old Mill Stream...."  © Jenny Stevens
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(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:October 25th, 2017 (6:39am) PDT
Hi Mark: Colour was 'here and gone' .. we had a massive storm with high winds and that took care of the leaves. Such a shame. Very little red this year. Thanks so much. I leave for Arizona on Sat. :)
(@MarkRobinson) Mark Robinson said:October 25th, 2017 (4:44am) PDT
Nicely captured Jenny.....
There wasn't much colour over this way either but it was still nice to get out in the bush for a fall hike.
Safe travels ........... :)
(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:October 22nd, 2017 (7:00am) PDT
(@TimDuffus Hi Tim: Thank you for your visit and comment. Loving your flowers.
(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:October 22nd, 2017 (7:00am) PDT
@KENBURROWS lol Ken ! For some reason I often 'mind-sing' that song ! This was taken on a back road that I often take to Perth. Thank you
(@TimDuffus) Tim Duffus said:October 21st, 2017 (10:25pm) PDT
Wonderful work Jenny.
(@ramonachiassongmailcom) Ramona Chiasson said:October 21st, 2017 (8:55am) PDT
Hi Jenny..I went by Perth..on the bus and thought of you..I'm in Jennybear country..hugs
(@KENBURROWS) Ken Burrows said:October 21st, 2017 (8:04am) PDT
Okay that will be an ear worm song for the day..Down by the Old Mill Stream. Beautiful scene and composition, Jenny!
(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:October 21st, 2017 (6:19am) PDT
(@ramonachiassongmailcom Hey Ramona... I will not be posting while I am making the trip south... then getting hooked up and settled in Arizona... I will not even have wifi for a while. I am glad you liked my iPhone shot ! There are many mason build homes and structures around Perth.
(@ramonachiassongmailcom) Ramona Chiasson said:October 20th, 2017 (7:55am) PDT
hey Jen..very glad you are posting..keep it up..will think of you in the sun,,hugs

Jenny Stevens
 Advanced Amateur

iPhone shot from a small bridge over The Tay River near Perth, ON. I have not seen much red this year and I did not have my cameras with me. iPhones are quite amazing!

Uploaded: Oct 20th, 2017 (7:32am)
Category: Other
GPS: Lat: 44.85214, Lon: -76.32469
Camera: iPhone 6
Focal Length: 4 mm
Aperture: f/2.2
Shutter Speed: 1/230 sec
ISO: 32

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