"Chicago Afternoon"  © John Harrison
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(@Michael) Michael D. Friedman said:April 24th, 2012 (4:43pm) PDT
Thanks for your visit, John. The tonality of this is quite beautiful!
(@DaniParra) Dani Parra said:April 19th, 2012 (8:14am) PDT
Extraordinario procesado.
(@TomShacochis) Tom Shacochis said:April 18th, 2012 (7:51am) PDT
I like your final version, John. Good job!
(@TomShacochis) Tom Shacochis said:April 18th, 2012 (6:31am) PDT
Looks real good, John. You are now at play in the fields! :)
(@polimeros) thom polimeros said:April 18th, 2012 (5:53am) PDT
quite a view you have there brother and his wife live in a mid rise on N. Franklin with a view of the back of your
(@JimNall) Jim Nall said:April 18th, 2012 (5:16am) PDT
Excellent composition John, a very dramatic looking shoreline! Just like I like a landscape. Well done sir!
(@Aneto3404) Amel JimĂ©nez said:April 17th, 2012 (7:41am) PDT
Muy buen trabajo, en fotos de altura geniales. Felicidades. Votada.
(@pietflour) piet flour said:April 17th, 2012 (7:40am) PDT
impressive cityscape
(@Maligne) Eva Lechner said:April 17th, 2012 (5:45am) PDT
Lovely,I like the non-HDR version also!
(@yasumiyamiya) mitsu miya said:April 17th, 2012 (5:43am) PDT
beautiful landscape!!
(@drdab99) Doug Benner said:April 17th, 2012 (3:51am) PDT
I like this version as well, John. A different feel, but just as nice. Does the HDR setting on the D800 take the 3 exposures simultaneously, or does the shutter fire 3 times?
(@SilenaLambertini) Silena Lambertini said:April 16th, 2012 (11:40pm) PDT
Ancora una vista splendida, complimenti
(@Mauritta) Greg Mclemore said:April 16th, 2012 (10:54pm) PDT
A lovely capture.
(@TomShacochis) Tom Shacochis said:April 16th, 2012 (8:50pm) PDT
I like the arc of that spit of land projecting into the sea. I like the snakelike coastal road. The pier line continues to intrigue me with its form. If I would have done anything different, I would have straightened the buildings but that is a very minor point. The tones on the water are also most pleasing. The only other thing that I might have done was to try and polarize what I think is a rectangular window reflection out of that bit of shore just at the base of the shot. For all that, John....I like it.
(@mcmac) Ian McGregor said:April 16th, 2012 (7:52pm) PDT
I love your images John, but admittedly with even more keen interest since you got the D800!
(@lorenzo) Lorenzo Cassina said:April 16th, 2012 (4:55pm) PDT
Lovely shot with your new camera John. The sky has a wonderful color and texture. Congrats, 10!

John Harrison
 Advanced Amateur

decided to post the non-HDR version.

Uploaded: Apr 16th, 2012 (4:33pm)
Category: Landscape
Camera: D800

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