"Grizzly Bear Cub, Yellowstone"  © Daryl Hunter
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(@pamelabole) Pamela Bole said:February 26th, 2014 (9:18am) PST
Awwwww.......what a face! Stunning!!!
So glad you stuck it worth it! : )
(@teach50) Linda Karlin said:October 12th, 2013 (6:58am) PDT
Oh boy. This is awesome.
(@Christaz) Christophe Deperraz said:November 8th, 2012 (1:04pm) PST
Jolie portrait...
(@mcmac) Ian McGregor said:September 3rd, 2012 (5:42am) PDT
Well done!
(@JeffClow) Jeff R. Clow said:June 25th, 2012 (6:02pm) PDT
This is a great portrait, Daryl....!
(@Paradis Photography) Denis Paradis said:May 8th, 2012 (4:17am) PDT
Great capture as usual Daryl. It's your work and that of other great photographers on this site that keeps me inspired so please continue to put gas into the tank.
(@davidmcmahon) David McMahon said:May 8th, 2012 (4:12am) PDT
Meant to ask - how close were you? Even at 500mm focal length you would have been within about 50 feet, I reckon .....
(@davidmcmahon) David McMahon said:May 8th, 2012 (4:10am) PDT
Great story behind this picture, Daryl. Looks like the cub is actually posing for you.
(@lorenzo) Lorenzo Cassina said:May 7th, 2012 (7:44pm) PDT
Wonderful capture here Daryl. Even at 500mm it seems you were pretty close. Well done. Congrats!
I am glad you liked my hawk. Appreciate your comments! Lorenzo
(@Bigpix) Brent Howard said:May 7th, 2012 (6:04pm) PDT
Beautiful image Daryl, I saw 2 griz today driving through Banff on my home but they were too far away for a good shot.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:May 7th, 2012 (3:18pm) PDT
This IS a great one Daryl. That distant look and full spread face hairs is splendid.

Hope you sell enough for many tank fills.
(@nemi1968) Cecilie S√łnsteby said:May 7th, 2012 (9:43am) PDT
Awsome capture and shot. Just perfect!
(@mauropasquero) mauro pasquero said:May 7th, 2012 (7:27am) PDT
Great capture !
(@Maligne) Eva Lechner said:May 7th, 2012 (6:56am) PDT
Beautiful capture!

Daryl Hunter

Grizzly Bear Cub in Yellowstone National Park. This is the one year old cub of the Grizzly Sow known as Blaze.

It was a tough unproductive couple of days in Yellowstone and I almost went home as May is usually really productive in Yellowstone but I fought the urge to quit wasting gas on what seemed to be a useless excursion that was needless draining photo investment funds.

Two weeks ago when I went to Yellowstone to find a specific giant grizzly who only wants to be photographed in April and failing for three days I got discouraged and came home and about the time I pulled into my driveway my bear searching associates called and said they found him and had the photo session of the dreams.

With this failure fresh on my mind I stuck it out and my perseverance finally paid off and breathed new enthusiam into my trip as my fuel investment suddenly seemed worth it.

Environmentalists think the expensive fuel is a good idea so we will drive less, I disagree! When I am driving less becasue of high fuel prices it just makes me hate environmenalists. Oddly enough environmentalists are the biggest buyers of my photos yet they are the ones that want to confine me to my home.

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Uploaded: May 7th, 2012 (5:50am)
Category: Wildlife/Animals
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Focal Length: 500 mm
Aperture: f/4
Shutter Speed: 1/1000 sec
ISO: 800

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