"Clearing Morning Storm, McGee Creek, Fall 2012"  © Paul Porter
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(@KWirtanen) Kent Wirtanen said:November 25th, 2012 (8:42am) PST
Beautiful image Paul. Well seen and captured. I enjoyed the dialogue as well.
(@mauropasquero) mauro pasquero said:November 25th, 2012 (4:48am) PST
Very nice scenery !

Paul Porter
 Advanced Amateur

When we started the morning before shooting sunrise at Convict Lake, there was a serious overcast. We hadn't really listened to the weather, meaning we would shoot whatever the weather was. But as we ate breakfast in Mammoth, it started snowing. It started light at first but turned into that really heavy Sierra cement stuff. As we hit the road, the visibility was decreasing but still reasonable enough to drive. As I said, we were determined to get out there, regardless of the conditions.

Heading down 395, just down the road from Convict Lake we turn west up McGee Creek Road, having heard it was supposed to be prime fall color up in the canyon. The the storm started letting up as we made our way to the trailhead. We parked and stated up the trail with a very heavy ceiling just above our heads, shooting what we could and trying, I mean really trying, to enjoy the conditions.

Then after about 1 1/2 hours on the trail, hiking through only about an inch of snow, the clouds started evaporating and blowing through the fresh snow laden crags above. It was so visually stimulating, I felt like something transcendental was occurring. I ran for the best composition I could find as the mists changed constantly, revealing and concealing the peaks above. As you can see, there wasn't much snow left as the sun rapidly warmed the valley. In about 20 minutes, the clouds obscured the peaks again. We left feeling like we really started the day off right. What a beautiful day it was.

Uploaded: Nov 24th, 2012 (11:57pm)
Category: Landscape
GPS: Lat: 37.54887, Lon: -118.80912
Camera: NIKON D7000
Focal Length: 11 mm
Aperture: f/11
Shutter Speed: 1/80 sec
ISO: 100

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