"Curtain Call...."  © Michael del Pilar
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(@lexlutther) Lex said:December 10th, 2012 (3:33pm) PST
magic shot, low speed, ( i love)!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thanks so much Lex...nice to hear from you, again ..
(@TomShacochis) Tom Shacochis said:December 8th, 2012 (8:11am) PST
Your work indeed deserves to take another bow!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you, Tom.
(@rohanpavgi) Rohan Pavgi said:December 5th, 2012 (6:47am) PST
great photo
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you, Rohan.
(@polimeros) thom polimeros said:December 5th, 2012 (6:46am) PST
i lived in Hermosa Beach for two years and had friends up there that were a stones throw away from the Strand and the pier...:)
@MickeydelPilar replied: Those were the days, Thom..
(@GeneG) Gene G. said:December 4th, 2012 (5:38pm) PST
Very nice capture of light and the greens Mickey!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Appreciate it, Gene.
(@nairfotografia) Nair Fotografia said:December 4th, 2012 (10:07am) PST
wonderful light and framing
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you very much, Nair.
(@rohanpavgi) Rohan Pavgi said:December 4th, 2012 (9:39am) PST
@MickeydelPilar replied: Many thanks, Rohan.
(@polimeros) thom polimeros said:December 4th, 2012 (8:46am) PST
the santa monica pier.....postcard heaven
@MickeydelPilar replied: Okay, now I got it..didn't get a chance to get over to the pier, Thom...I forget how well traveled you are, many folks wouldn't be aware of that.
(@KWirtanen) Kent Wirtanen said:December 3rd, 2012 (9:40pm) PST
Neat image Michael. The light on the tips of the leaves and the DOF are what make the shot for me.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Great comment, Kent..thanks so much.
(@teach50) Linda Karlin said:December 3rd, 2012 (7:03pm) PST
Lovely light
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thanks Linda, I thought so, too.
(@sasastro) sas astro said:December 3rd, 2012 (1:52pm) PST
just lovely
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you very much, Sas.
(@endlessreach1) Carl Shaw said:December 3rd, 2012 (10:05am) PST
Nicely done Michael...
@MickeydelPilar replied: Much thanks, Carl.
(@timbutler54) Tim Butler said:December 3rd, 2012 (9:04am) PST
Beautiful bokeh. Very striking image Mickey.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Like you, Tim, I'm a big fan of bokeh which sets the tone for the foreground subject.
(@Mauritta) Greg Mclemore said:December 3rd, 2012 (8:56am) PST
Beautiful and quite creative
@MickeydelPilar replied: Appreciate it, Greg.
(@polimeros) thom polimeros said:December 3rd, 2012 (6:19am) PST
what, no pier shots......:)
@polimeros replied: the santa monica pier.....postcard heaven
@MickeydelPilar replied: You got me which pier do you refer?
(@Marthe) marthe said:December 3rd, 2012 (5:05am) PST
Well seen and captured, Michael! very nice light!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you, Marthe..the light caught my eye as I stepped outside from a friend's house on Thanksgiving.
(@Aneto3404) Amel Jiménez said:December 3rd, 2012 (4:24am) PST
Bonita foto. Saludos.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Muchas gracias, Amel.
(@rich007) Rich Mayer said:December 3rd, 2012 (4:15am) PST
Very nice MDP !!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Many thanks, Rich.
(@jaykay72) John Kortland said:December 3rd, 2012 (3:29am) PST
A view through some of Mother Nature's lace curtains, always an intriguing type of shot, the eye wondering what lies beyond the curtains, lovely control of the DOF to give such wonderful bokeh on this, the sun just catching the tips of the leaves add that highlight to draw up the eye, sublime spot Michael.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thanks John, I had just stepped outside from a friend's house on Thanksgiving when the sun was going down behind some hills and the backlight caught my eye..naturally had to run back in and grab the camera.
(@Chef999) Harold Begun said:December 3rd, 2012 (2:40am) PST
Beautiful image!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you, Harold.
(@Angel) Ángel Arcos said:December 2nd, 2012 (10:36pm) PST
Muy buen captura me gusta esa contra luz!!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Gracias, Angel ... me sentí atraída por la luz de fondo inmediatamente después de entrar fuera ..

Michael del Pilar

Late evening shot in Santa Monica, CA...

Uploaded: Dec 2nd, 2012 (10:30pm)
Category: flora/fauna
Camera: DMC-ZS7
Focal Length: 49 mm
Aperture: f/4.9
Shutter Speed: 1/30 sec
ISO: 800

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