"Play Misty for Me...."  © Michael del Pilar
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(@LindaEdgecombPhotography) Linda Edgecomb said:January 5th, 2013 (5:57am) PST
Happy New Year Mickey! I love how you captured that is a stunning foreground and angle!!
(@Jobe60) Johann breiner said:January 4th, 2013 (4:32am) PST
Wonderful composition and nice impression ! Great in B&W !
@MickeydelPilar replied: Very kind, Johnann, thank you..
(@JeremyBarton)  said:December 30th, 2012 (5:35am) PST
Excellent capture Nice work and Happy New Year!
(@TomShacochis) Tom Shacochis said:December 23rd, 2012 (11:51am) PST
Now....if you only had an "Eastwood Chair".....but then again....nice one, Michael.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Yeah, that was quite a debut movie for ol' Clint...
(@MickeydelPilar) Michael del Pilar said:December 18th, 2012 (5:41pm) PST
and San Francisco..glad you like it..
(@nairfotografia) Nair Fotografia said:December 18th, 2012 (10:06am) PST
fantastic b/w, one of my favorite towns and bridges
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thanks've taken so many great shots of the Golden Gate
(@teach50) Linda Karlin said:December 15th, 2012 (6:55pm) PST
Michael, this is wonderful in B&W
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thanks so much for your encouragement, Linda.
(@REG) Richard Gaffney said:December 15th, 2012 (2:18pm) PST
Great view,splendid capture.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Appreciate your comment, Richard.
(@Aneto3404) Amel Jiménez said:December 15th, 2012 (11:04am) PST
Very good photography. Greetings. Voted. Merry Christmas from Spain
@MickeydelPilar replied: Gracias, Amel ... Feliz Navidad de América ....
(@Mauritta) Greg Mclemore said:December 14th, 2012 (2:40pm) PST
Beautiful capture.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you much, Greg..
(@polimeros) thom polimeros said:December 14th, 2012 (9:25am) PST
nicely done Mickey, you don't usually see a B&W of this classic scene....looks like a typical day here in Cleveburg
@MickeydelPilar replied:  Thanks Thom, I tried color but B/W looked more classic, vintage.
(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:December 14th, 2012 (8:43am) PST
Hi Mickey: I am with the others on the POV along with a great composition. Truly a gloomy shot for sure, but it also 'moves' you .... I feel sadness, but it is still one terrific shot.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Really appreciate your thoughts and observations, Jenny..very helpful to me.
(@Chef999) Harold Begun said:December 14th, 2012 (8:23am) PST
Fabulous image! Have a great weekend!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thanks, Harold..may you also enjoy your weekend.
(@KWirtanen) Kent Wirtanen said:December 14th, 2012 (7:27am) PST
The B&W really helps to create a cool/dreary mood to this image...nice capture Michael.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Your feedback is very appreciated, Kent.
(@miroth) miroth said:December 14th, 2012 (7:20am) PST
Great pov,works really well in mono.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you for those words, Miroth.
(@endlessreach1) Carl Shaw said:December 14th, 2012 (6:46am) PST
Very nicely done Michael...
@MickeydelPilar replied: My gratitude, Carl.
(@Manu) Manu Klemm said:December 14th, 2012 (6:00am) PST
Great POV and composition of this scenery. The BW really gives it the wintery mood
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you, Manu..I agree about the B/W.
(@buyero) Rino Lo Presti said:December 14th, 2012 (5:31am) PST
great mono work!
@MickeydelPilar replied: Appreciate that, Rino.
(@jaykay72) John Kortland said:December 14th, 2012 (4:53am) PST
Lovely view of this iconic San Francisco structure. Suits the b&w treatment very well, lovely white to the breaking surf to lift this picture.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Grateful for your thoughtful comment, John.
(@rich007) Rich Mayer said:December 14th, 2012 (3:53am) PST
Beautiful POV and lighting !
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you, my friend.
(@QuimG) Quim Granell said:December 14th, 2012 (1:51am) PST
Interesante captura en B/N.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Muchas gracias, Quim.
(@mauropasquero) mauro pasquero said:December 14th, 2012 (12:47am) PST
Great shot, Michael. Very good wintry mood !
@MickeydelPilar replied: Thank you for the nice comment, Mauro.
(@Angel) Ángel Arcos said:December 13th, 2012 (11:39pm) PST
Bonito angulo de tiro y buen B&W, buen trabajo.
@MickeydelPilar replied: Gracias por las palabras de gracia Angel,.
(@thebassplayer) Richard Bland said:December 13th, 2012 (11:25pm) PST
A great POV of this iconic structure
@MickeydelPilar replied: Many thanks, Richard.
(@MickeydelPilar) Michael del Pilar said:December 13th, 2012 (8:08pm) PST
I thank you for those gracious words, Peter.
(@PSLessey) Peter Lessey said:December 13th, 2012 (8:01pm) PST
A very fitting title to a superb composition, excellent work Michael.

Michael del Pilar

San Francisco and summer fog are synonymous...and the Golden Gate, in particular, has a magical allure in the soft mist...taken from Baker's Beach....

Uploaded: Dec 13th, 2012 (7:42pm)
Category: Landscape
Camera: DMC-ZS7
Focal Length: 9 mm
Aperture: f/4.5
Shutter Speed: 1/1000 sec
ISO: 80

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