"Double Rainbow and the Tower of Babel"  © Jean Day
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(@Leckie1463) Todd Leckie said:August 26th, 2013 (6:28pm) PDT
Absolutely stunning work!
(@GeneG) Gene G. said:August 26th, 2013 (5:58am) PDT
Wow, love 2x rainbow-worth the effort!
(@JeanDayPhoto) Jean Day said:August 24th, 2013 (7:28pm) PDT
Thanks to everyone for the kind comments, likes, and faves!
(@pamelabole) Pamela Bole said:August 20th, 2013 (10:00pm) PDT
Wow, Wow, Wow!!!!! Such an amazing shot!
(@ggweather) Jan Null said:August 20th, 2013 (9:48pm) PDT
Amazing, awesome, wonderful, special and epic! Yes Jean, I love it!!
(@teach50) Linda Karlin said:August 20th, 2013 (5:40pm) PDT
What a story. I am glad it worked out for you. Super shot.
(@NEWLIFE) Michele Baitley said:August 20th, 2013 (4:36pm) PDT
Hi Jean, nice to meet you. I have viewed your galley and read a lot of the info that goes with it, you are a very gifted women with loads of talent and a eye that captures the Breathtaking world we are so blessed to live in. Thanks ever so much for sharing your AMAZING images and the struggles and victories that go along with your life of photography!!!
(@brio) Brian Swales LRPS said:August 20th, 2013 (2:12am) PDT
Super image and interesting information!
I am planning a trip to the Moab area September 2014!
(@LauraSample) Laura Sample said:August 19th, 2013 (10:14pm) PDT
Tremendous capture...Lucky for the slow moving motorhome! One never knows when the perfect shot will be around the corner!

Jean Day
 Part-time Pro

The monsoon storm had me wondering if a nice sunset would be possible on this evening and being tired from a long trip I was in no hurry. I'd just finished setting up camp when I saw some big holes in the sky so the dogs and I made our way quickly into the park. Well, not that quickly as I got stuck behind a large motor home on the way up the grade. It turned out to be my good fortune this time as I rounded a turn and saw the rainbow, but I was in the wrong place without an intersting foreground or a spot to pull over. I begged the motorhome to speed up on the downgrade (as if they could hear me shouting…and swearing!) and hoped the rainbow would still be visible another hundred yards down the road. I was finally able to pull over, grabbed my gear, ran up a small hill, and that's when I saw the second rainbow! Woot! I had enough time to set up and fire off a half dozen shots or so before the light began to fade. For everything, there is a reason…even if it's a big fat-ass, slow-moving vehicle blocking your path! :)

Thanks for having a look!

This image is © Jean Day and can not be used in any way without my permission!

For prints and licensing please contact me directly here: or visit my website at

Uploaded: Aug 19th, 2013 (7:35pm)
Category: Landscape
GPS: Lat: 38.66621, Lon: -109.58768
Camera: PENTAX K-5
Focal Length: 15 mm
Aperture: f/14
Shutter Speed: 3/10 sec
ISO: 250

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