"The Tap is Back On"  © Peter Baumgarten
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(@MaryLouBickell) Mary Lou Bickell said:May 17th, 2014 (4:05pm) PDT
Breathtaking!! I'd risk the cold fingers for a shot like many photos of Bridal Veil Falls but haven't seen anything like this.
(@NEWLIFE) Michele Baitley said:April 23rd, 2014 (2:35pm) PDT
Peter glad you put up with the cold fingers for you captured a marvelous image!!!
(@Christine) Christine Muchmore said:April 18th, 2014 (9:15am) PDT
Wow.....this is wonderful.
(@MitchG) Michel Gagnon said:April 18th, 2014 (6:27am) PDT
Hello Peter, seems very cold...but very creative...excellent it...I go to the island on occasions...wonderful photo and capture...thanks for sharing.... :)
(@teach50) Linda Karlin said:April 14th, 2014 (7:26pm) PDT
(@guiney) Lillian said:April 14th, 2014 (12:53pm) PDT
Truly awesome viewing and stunning photo
(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:April 14th, 2014 (10:07am) PDT
Spectacular photograph Peter. Truly unique perspective. A real joy to study. Thanks for sharing.....
@CreativeIsland replied: The hardest part of photography is coming up with new and interesting ways to see the world. Thanks for the comment, Jenny.
(@pamelabole) Pamela Bole said:April 13th, 2014 (9:03pm) PDT
A true Photographer does what it takes to "get that shot"! : ) So glad you did......such an amazing photo! I really like the clarity of the water and seeing the ice formation above and under the water. Wonderful Peter....thanks for sharing!!!
@CreativeIsland replied: Thanks, Pam. There's a whole new world below the water line. This was my first attempt at dunking my new waterproof camera. It took some nerve to actually do it.
(@ramonachiassongmailcom) Ramona Chiasson said:April 13th, 2014 (11:01am) PDT
Hi Peter..what some people do for a photo...very nice
@CreativeIsland replied: Thanks, Ramona. It was a small sacrifice. I'm not much of a swimmer, but ever since being a child when I saw the Don Knotts movie where he turned into a fish, I've been fascinated with the views underwater. I hope to post some more.
(@LauraSample) Laura Sample said:April 13th, 2014 (10:57am) PDT
Cold fingers but an extremely cool shot. Peter, I like how the underwater part of the image is so important to the overall image. I need a camera like that for the salmon runs!
@CreativeIsland replied: Thanks, Laura. I just got this camera - a small Olympus point and shoot and I've been experimenting with some underwater photography. I can't wait for the fish to run here. I have some plans to sink my camera to the bottom and shoot from there.
(@Marthe) marthe said:April 13th, 2014 (10:48am) PDT
a very interesting angle, Peter! very nice tones and comp!
I was there 1 week before you.. a huge difference.. I should try to get there when you are there. You could give me some tip on how to photograph the 'bridal Veil' I am never happy with the results....
not only I saw a moth, but yesterday and today I saw a Blue Heron... :-)
@CreativeIsland replied: Thanks, Marthe. The ice conditions are changing daily with this warm weather. The lighting at the falls is always tricky. On some visits I've taken over a hundred shots only to trash them all later because I wasn't happy with the light.
(@RobDietz) Rob Dietz said:April 13th, 2014 (10:30am) PDT
Well worth the cold fingers!
@CreativeIsland replied: I agree. Thanks, Rob.
(@KENBURROWS) Ken Burrows said:April 13th, 2014 (9:34am) PDT
A Big WOW! Absolutely stunning, Peter. So much to absorb with this image.
@CreativeIsland replied: Thanks, Ken. Much appreciated.

Peter Baumgarten
 Advanced Amateur

Every winter I try to make at least one trip to Bridal Veil Falls on Manitoulin Island to see the ice features. This year the falls seemed to freeze solid - the curtain of ice so thick as to be almost impassable behind the falls.

This shot was taken just over a week ago and you can see the ice wall breaking up and the water beginning to flow again. I have a waterproof camera that I partially submerged in order to capture this perspective. I ended up with some very cold fingers!

Uploaded: Apr 13th, 2014 (9:00am)
Category: Landscape
Camera: TG-850
Focal Length: 4 mm
Aperture: f/6
Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec
ISO: 125

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