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(@IsabelleV) Isabella V. said:October 5th, 2015 (10:19am) PDT
outstanding Kent....
(@ClaireBall) Claire Ball said:March 18th, 2015 (12:17pm) PDT
(@pamelabole) Pamela Bole said:January 22nd, 2015 (10:28pm) PST
Wow....this is stunning! Awesome capture!!
(@Jobe60) Johann breiner said:January 11th, 2015 (2:30am) PST
Fantastic shot and a wonderful scene ! excellent work !
(@TimDuffus) Tim Duffus said:December 31st, 2014 (12:16pm) PST
Excellent work Kent.
(@NEWLIFE) Michele Baitley said:December 9th, 2014 (4:18pm) PST
Hi Kent, miss conversing back and forth, Hope your doing well. This is a Superb images. I think you should do a children's book!!!!
(@MitchG) Michel Gagnon said:December 1st, 2014 (6:46am) PST
Just great Kent!...
(@Christine) Christine Muchmore said:November 23rd, 2014 (4:53pm) PST
Fantastic work Kent!!!!
(@TimDuffus) Tim Duffus said:November 13th, 2014 (11:52am) PST
Wonderful work Kent.
(@Brian) Brian Paust said:November 7th, 2014 (5:22pm) PST
Wow...really nice shot. We have a few hawks around here, but with the trees so thick, it is difficult to have any chance of a shot. Up north (Nome) I learned a really neat trick to bring these birds in closer. This will seem really strange...but it worked time and time again. With a raptor in sight, I would lay on the ground (tundra is nice and soft) and writhe around. This often was too much for these birds and they would come in really close, often directly over me. The trick was to get a shot off before they wised up to my trick.
@KWirtanen replied: Thanks...I will give that a try next spring. I will take my macro lens as well and maybe I can get some bug shots while I am laying there. :)
(@LauraSample) Laura Sample said:November 5th, 2014 (5:04pm) PST
A great stop action capture, Kent!
(@mikesnature)  said:November 3rd, 2014 (3:49pm) PST
Thanks Kent for the kind comments guy - yes - go and write that book! ha! Great capture on this one!
(@KWirtanen) Kent Wirtanen said:November 1st, 2014 (7:04am) PDT
Thank you very much for all the Nice feedback. I appreciate it all.
(@teach50) Linda Karlin said:October 31st, 2014 (5:01pm) PDT
Super shot.
(@jkitts) Jeff Kitts said:October 29th, 2014 (3:37pm) PDT
Magnificent Capture Kent.
(@PicturePost) john edward said:October 29th, 2014 (2:43pm) PDT
Top shot Kent....superb!
(@RobDietz) Rob Dietz said:October 29th, 2014 (2:00pm) PDT
Great shot Kent!
(@MarkRobinson) Mark Robinson said:October 29th, 2014 (12:24pm) PDT
Amazing capture Kent....... terrific detail.
all is fine here....... snow coming in tomorrow night.Time to hang up the paddles.
(@Jennybear) Jenny Stevens said:October 29th, 2014 (9:36am) PDT
I always feel it is such a privilege to witness such as this. It really is exceptional work Kent. As for children's books..... why not?
(@ramonachiassongmailcom) Ramona Chiasson said:October 29th, 2014 (7:18am) PDT
a winner..Kent
(@KENBURROWS) Ken Burrows said:October 29th, 2014 (6:09am) PDT
Doing fine, thanks Kent! Wow what a moment to be in. Such a great opportunity and great capture of the hawk, Kent.
(@Marthe) marthe said:October 29th, 2014 (3:38am) PDT
great shot
(@rongood) Ron Good said:October 28th, 2014 (11:24pm) PDT
Wonderful catch Kent.
(@ggweather) Jan Null said:October 28th, 2014 (10:21pm) PDT
Spectacular capture Kent!

Kent Wirtanen
 Advanced Amateur

....says the hawk.

Man, this stuff writes itself....I should do childrens books.

I hope everyone is doing well. Take care.

Uploaded: Oct 28th, 2014 (7:30pm)
Category: Wildlife/Animals
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
Focal Length: 205 mm
Aperture: f/10
Shutter Speed: 1/800 sec
ISO: 400

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