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"March 6th Release Notes"

One word. Break-neck-development. Ok, 3 words hyphenated. These should speak for themselves:

  • Chat. Yeup. With a language translation built in.
  • Ability to turn off voting for select photos (Upon Upload and photo edit)
  • View By Most Favorites.
  • New "In the Spotlight" feature

What others are saying...

(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 10th, 2012 (8:35am) PST
So it would seem Eva...Another anonymous troll name... same blog but then, it could all be some wild mistake in the universe as well.
(@Maligne) Eva Lechner said:March 10th, 2012 (1:17am) PST
ziggy zaggy said: March 1st, 2012 (12:32pm) PST
mario, thanks for your comment. I wrote about this shot too,
Does it mean that Gene Lowinger is also ziggy zaggy?
(@carlparow) Carl Parow said:March 9th, 2012 (6:21pm) PST
I like all four new releases :-)
(@DayneReast) Dayne Reast said:March 9th, 2012 (6:10pm) PST
Charlie - Thanks for the acknowledgement. No hard feelings
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (5:06pm) PST
I may well have landed one or so just below the belt. If anyone wants to spell which they were, and I happened to be wrong, tell me. I am willing to apologize when wrong.
Whatever the forum is called I hope you do this. I feel that the things I said today are pertinent to the group doings and I also feel it is healthy to talk about issues that are bothering anyone. Openness has been what I have wanted all along. Back stabbing and devious dealings only benefit the devious.
(@72dpi) 72dpi said (72dpi Admin):March 9th, 2012 (4:22pm) PST
@Everyone: We must say we're sad to see such disagreements held in this public format - in a thread that we were hoping would be used for feedback on release features. We've got a couple ideas, if you guys would like, we can create a "Get in the Ring - No Punches below the belt" forum thread, or you guys can take this into the chat or message arenas.
We're fully in support of free speech, the expression of views and the pursuit of justified voting and commenting but please, we don't want any virtual rioting where web browsers get broken and there's spray painting on the Top Rated pages. If we find a bonfire in someone's gallery, things are gonna get ugly! :)~
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (4:12pm) PST
To Dayne Reast:
I posted a few nights ago that I thought you were doing some suspicious voting without comments. You have explained to me, and I believe in these pages how you navigated and posted here much longer than I and I'm convinced you have done nothing to cause any of the troubles we are facing with hateful voting and other maneuvering. I apologize to you for casting suspicion. I am truly sorry.
Charlie Baugh
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (4:03pm) PST
Inflict? I expressed and opinion, but more than that I conveyed a lot of information that may help others understand the things that are happening here. As I said before management has the right to remove my post and I won't complain if they do. I am however not removing it just because you want that.
If there are specific issues you have with my post(s) please spell them out and I'm very willing to consider your *opinion* or if there is inaccuracy that you know of please tell me what that is.
(@shuggie) Karl Williams said:March 9th, 2012 (3:38pm) PST
Charlie - I have been sitting on my typing hands since I first noticed your post this morning. I'm afraid I can't do that any more.
You have an absolute right to hold whatever opinion you see fit on any other members of this community. What you do not have, however, is the right to inflict that opinion on the rest of the community, particularly since that opinion was expressed in such gratuitously offensive and personal terms. I am now joining Doug in respectfully asking you to remove your post.
(@davercox) Dave Cox said:March 9th, 2012 (3:37pm) PST
As the scourge of tactical voting has now arrived at 72dpi, I wonder what the Admin plan to do. If nothing then this site will surely go the same way as 500px........ And that would be sad.
(@Fengari) Kim Baudart said:March 9th, 2012 (1:55pm) PST
As the situation is now, I'm starting to lose interest in the voting rates too. I've not been really hit by trolls yet (but then again my pictures have never rated very high either, so I guess that makes me not worth targeting :) ), but as people seem to shy away from voting lower and prefer not to vote at all, the meaning of the ratings becomes questionable. I think that is a pity. I like the idea of voting because I want to get a feel of how other people value my pictures compared to each other, but at the moment I feel the ratings are not representative of that any more. I'm still not blocking voting on my pictures, but the numbers seem to have lost their meaning for me.
(@drdab99) Doug Benner said:March 9th, 2012 (12:55pm) PST
OK, Charlie - we can agree to disagree.If management thinks this is appropriate, then OK. I haven't changed your mind - and I still think this type of discourse in this particular forum is wrong but I cannot speak for anyone but myself.I appreciate the fact that even though we have disagreed you have treated me in a civil manner.Thank you for that, and I have no hard feelings toward you.I won't comment any further about this.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (11:58am) PST
To explain my feeling a bit more. It occurred to me that management by opening the ability to see the way people here were voting and commenting (OR NOT) they were allowing us each to observe and deal with this in our own way. My way may not be what you would like. That does not concern me. If management asks me to cease, I will do exactly that.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (11:49am) PST
I understood how you felt from your first post. I disagree. You have your opinion and I mine.
(@drdab99) Doug Benner said:March 9th, 2012 (11:38am) PST
Charlie - that's kind of my point: direct confrontation between you and Gene, not a public airing of the dirty laundry.I feel it is inappropriate to have this kind of attack going on here - where we meet to discuss issues with a site we have grown to care about a lot, not to see one-sided (so far) bickering involving two members that the vast majority of the rest of us don't even know.I don't know how others feel and I don't presume to speak for anyone but myself, but I think this has had a chilling effect on an otherwise friendly place.It's been five and a half hours since anyone other than you (and now I) have posted anything.I think people may be waiting for management to take down your hostile comments.I know I was.Since they haven't acted I am asking you directly to please do so.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (11:18am) PST
I understand your concerns. A sneak can only be dealt with by direct confrontation and that is what he will get so long as he does what he does.
To management I say that if what I have said is not true or if it is offensive to this site I will stop. I do think bringing this into the open is the only way to combat it.
(@drdab99) Doug Benner said:March 9th, 2012 (10:45am) PST
Charlie - no disrespect intended, and I'm not disputing what you are saying, but I don't think that this is the proper place to post such messages.This is a page where we air problems and give opinions about the site, not about each other.This is a problem which should stay between you and Gene.I have not been shy about posting criticisms about the site, and giving praise where it is due - the point being, that on this page comments should be about the site.Flame me too, if you want, but I find your ad hominem attacks, and the language therein to be highly offensive.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (6:08am) PST
Now if you want to see more of Gene Lowinger's bullshit. take a look on 500px at a "new" member named "Norman Lowe". Notice anything familiar about those photos? ROTFL Those photos that are getting raves here, are not doing so well over there. Seems he is known for what he is now on 500px.
And he has many follower doing his dirty work there too. One of them is another name many of you will be familiar with, Carol Hyman, who incidentally posts mostly juvenile stuff also and gets massive praise.
If I gave a shit I'd be mad this morning because a shot of mine that was over 90 last night is in the 70's this am. VERY FLATTERING! Gene, you shouldn't go to so much trouble for little old me.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 9th, 2012 (5:56am) PST
Gene Lowinger enjoys the massive glow so many of you bestow upon him with your "10" votes and with the massive praise you give him constantly on, for the most part,very juvenile photos.
He began stalking me on 500px where he was pumping up his following of dependent members to hate that site for allowing people to "dislike" his photos. This while he, through his phony persona "Hasifluer Wagabigit, was giving "dislike" votes to people that he did not like. He used to say daily how he wanted comments if people voted negative on his photos. So on one of those that I particularly disliked, I voted such and told him why. Next thing I know Hasifluer posted a simple juvenile statement "that's how it woiks", after giving me a "dislike".
That would have worked on almost everyone else on that site. Problem for Gene is he was working with a half blind old man which hates phony's and doesn't give a damn what most people think of him.
(@wolfademeit) Wolf Ademeit said:March 9th, 2012 (4:18am) PST
I've noticed that all the images for the display be enlarged or reduced. On all of my pictures I optimize the sharpness manually. If you resize my pictures you lost a lot of quality. I'd reloadet some pictures before I recognized that problem. Please let me know the best size for uploads or make button 'no resize please'.
(@davercox) Dave Cox said:March 9th, 2012 (2:54am) PST
Having had a couple of images 'trolled' tonight/today I'd like to propose that if anyone sees such an example then they 'out' the offender on the forums. In that way, everyone can go and block them from voting. I have a suspicion but not sure! It's hard work to sit and watch the Live Activity feed!! I'm not overly fussed to be honest but it just spoils the experience for everyone not just me!!
(@pietflour) piet flour said:March 9th, 2012 (12:43am) PST
I agree trolling to harm should not be tolerated,
But we also have to consider the other aspects ....
if we get a 10, and then a 6 ... of course our picture drops a lot, but still, ... only 2 people found it worth telling something about !
Perhaps ... no, probably ... the view on top is part of the problem of the trolling ???
Should a picture with only 1 vote or comment be represented as "the best" ?Yes, it also involves my own and your own photos !
Wouldn't it be reasonable the pictures get highlighting only after they have at least a minimum number of ratings, and a minimum number of comments, and perhaps, also a minimum number of favs ???
Don't know if i see it right, just throwing a pebble in the pool to make some waves and reflections
(@shuggie) Karl Williams said:March 8th, 2012 (11:01pm) PST
I'm not surprised, Charlie, human nature being what is is. The point that I was making, though, is that it really needs to be addressed before it gets to "500px" levels - at which point it will be too late because a great many people will have voted with their feet (as per the 500px debacle).
(@mezzoduomo) Jeff Morley said:March 8th, 2012 (6:33pm) PST
Chat?Explain, please...
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 8th, 2012 (4:50pm) PST
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 8th, 2012 (4:31pm) PST
You talking about a specific book? Fiction?
6 months part time and then dropped and then writes a book like he was "the man" ROTFL.
(@JimNall) Jim Nall said:March 8th, 2012 (3:58pm) PST
Of course, mistakes can happen, but it would be nice to know who the trolls are so others can block them.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 8th, 2012 (2:46pm) PST
Sorry I checked and it began on February 23rd. not the 24th.
(@CharlieBaugh) Charlie Baugh said:March 8th, 2012 (2:43pm) PST
Karl, your "first glimmerings of potential troll problems" have been going on since Feb. 24th for many of us. It isn't pleasant is it?
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 8th, 2012 (1:38pm) PST
@ sas astro....I actually saw the ones that hit me in the "LIVE VIEW" notification thing (that is how I have names)They voted within 30 sec. of each other.I went to my page and there were the hits... with no comments.
I have gone to both pages and blocked them from voting on any more of my photos.However, if they create another "troll account" they can easily enough circumvent that, as well.
(@sasastro) sas astro said:March 8th, 2012 (1:28pm) PST
@Karl - wash your mouth out young man rofl
I spend a lot of time just browsing and looking here, and reading the opinions. Now I'm getting paranoid in case folk think I'm the phantom sixer as I'm here so often with no visible activity. I'm now thinking that the only way to counteract any trolling is to force folk to comment if they vote and if they fav a picture. It would be nice to see this to get back to honest voting.
(@Photobuck) Buck Shreck said:March 8th, 2012 (12:18pm) PST
I'm a man of few words ...(don't know that many) but i like this site and if I see something that I don't like, I will try to spit out some words and hope they make since.........
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 8th, 2012 (12:13pm) PST
See my post under the voting survival guide....I know who did it, and will give the names to management if they ask,.But, I am really frustrated right now, that one person seems to be able to keep the trolling alive and well....
(@shuggie) Karl Williams said:March 8th, 2012 (11:52am) PST
John Poyner is right about the "other" site (am I allowed to mention 500px without being required to wash my mouth out with carbolic soap?) but the troll problem there was hugely compounded by "management" refusing to acknowledge under any circumstances that a problem existed. We don't have that sort of "denial" problem here. We do, however, have the first glimmerings of a potential troll problem which really needs to be addressed sooner rather than later ....
(@JimNall) Jim Nall said:March 8th, 2012 (10:56am) PST
Hey!I just switched to the Firefox browser and now stuff looks great and works.Things that weren't working previously in IE.
(@DayneReast) Dayne Reast said:March 8th, 2012 (10:34am) PST
Thanks. I understand IE is cr@p. Just tellig you for debugging and to help. Not intended as a complaint.
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 8th, 2012 (10:00am) PST
If it is all about the score.. heck. I can become a troll, give all these other trolls 3s or 4s.. no explanation.. drop the score on their pics like a rock...that is what you are going to have... a scoring war, if you do not make them accountable.Everyone will get sick of it.Seems that was the issue at that other site, from what I have heard.
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 8th, 2012 (9:58am) PST
Ok,, so I found a new Mr. comment, just downgraded a photo of mine that had received good marks, and comments...
Like I have said before, I do not care how people score my pictures, they are for me and my model(s)/muse.However, it should be Mandatory to tell me why, you just gave me a 6 when everyone else was giving me 9s, and telling me how nice it was..I was double tapped by a couple of buddies (they are buddies not my buddies) on one photo, and it kind of irks me.
Make people accountable!Or this whole process is meaningless.
(@Fengari) Kim Baudart said:March 8th, 2012 (7:45am) PST
Impressive how fast you guys act on suggestions... I like the 'spotlight' page and the ability to turn off voting. It's a relief to know that talented people who get fed up with being downrated have an option besides leaving the site. I do think it would be nice to have a place where these pictures get shown as they are uploaded though. Maybe add them to the new photos section with a filter (similar to the today/7days/all time filter but saying 'for voting/all pictures/not for voting')?
I'm not a fan of the new 'grey out on mouseover' either. I find it annoying when it happens unexpectedly, but I'm sure I would get used to that eventually. The bigger problem is that it interferes with the '+ view', and I think a lot of people are going to stop using that. And I have noticed that the quality of the pictures in the '+ view' is much better than on the main page (and in the grey out view). On their main page pictures often look softer and less detailed than they really are.
So if you want an easier 'focus' function than with the '+' button, please go to the current '+ view' on mouseover instead of just greying out the page around the picture.
(@MimEisenberg) Mim Eisenberg said:March 8th, 2012 (7:40am) PST
It would deserve to be on its own line, for sure.
(@shuggie) Karl Williams said:March 8th, 2012 (7:28am) PST
Just looking through some of the "view by" pages, an idea occurred to me: if I were to change my name to something like "Karl Williams: Lord of all I Survey, Master of the Known Universe and Friend of Barbara Jones", would I get a row all to myself? Or would I be immediately truncated?
(@shuggie) Karl Williams said:March 8th, 2012 (7:19am) PST
Good on you, guys!
(@miniflash) Deborah Morris said:March 8th, 2012 (7:00am) PST
Nice features ,BRAVO
(@MimEisenberg) Mim Eisenberg said:March 8th, 2012 (6:54am) PST
I'm glad to see that an ad hominem attack on a number of 72dpi and 500px users has been removed, either voluntarily or at the suggestion of staff.
(@jisn1964)  said:March 8th, 2012 (4:45am) PST
Thanks for all your work!!
But this is a trouble because as much as you do as much thing we think to give you something to work!! :)
Could it be possible a space where people wanting for a more detailed analysis of A shot (not to send several shots each time) could leave an image to be subjected to more in depth comments?
I really appreciate the support comments of everyone, but I would also like to have the opportunity to know the flakes of my shots and suggestions to improve them (and the comments area is relatively small for this and some people could prefer to make these comments/suggestions in a more "private" area).
Another time, THANKS!! You are doing a great work and building a fantastic site. :)
(@drdab99) Doug Benner said:March 8th, 2012 (3:07am) PST
Thanks for the "Spotlight".
And thank you for the option to opt out of voting.Having your photos voted on is fun for a lot of folks, and that's perfectly OK, but it's not for everyone - and that's OK too.Would it be possible to create a page for the new photos for those of us who opt out of voting?It looks like currently the only new photos shown are those that are up for a vote.Thanks for your consideration.You guys are great.
(@christieking) Christie King said:March 8th, 2012 (3:06am) PST
Just wanted to say thanks again to the 72 developers/site hosts.It's amazing what can be done when you actually have collaboration between two parties.It seems I find new little features all the time and it just keeps getting better.Thanks!You guys ROCK!
(@pietflour) piet flour said:March 8th, 2012 (2:04am) PST
thanks a lot guys and dolls for more comment space.
The new black hole vision is not my favorite change either
(@pandora) pandora said:March 8th, 2012 (1:26am) PST
I found this sort of irritating too this morning. but after all I love the isolation karl mentioned and think I get used to it.
(@shuggie) Karl Williams said:March 8th, 2012 (12:02am) PST
I hate to say it, but I rather like it - it dims all the distractions and allows me to look at the shot in comparative isolation.
(@sasastro) sas astro said:March 7th, 2012 (11:19pm) PST
Have to agree with Stentionhouse, I find it a bit distracting and irritating
(@Stentionhouse) Stention House said:March 7th, 2012 (10:54pm) PST
This new 'feature' where everything greys out when you mouse over a photo is possibly the most annoying thing I've ever encountered on any site in my life to date.Please let there be a way to turn this off.
There, I knew I'd find something to complain about ;)
(@72dpi) 72dpi said (72dpi Admin):March 7th, 2012 (7:07pm) PST
@Everyone: Thanks all! We hope you like the new "stuff" we pushed out today. We hate to say it, but the next big stuff we're going to be working on is internal so while you won't see as many new features, know we're hard at work under the hood to keep this puppy sailing smooth.

@Dayne Reast: We're working hard on IE updates. Internet Explorer is a horrible browser and is the only one that is non-compliant to so many web standards. See this link if you don't believe us
(@DayneReast) Dayne Reast said:March 7th, 2012 (6:31pm) PST
Spotlight (like Live Activity) does not work on Internet Explorer. Sounds like a good idea anyway
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 7th, 2012 (5:57pm) PST
You guys rock... love the new spotlight feature.
(@MimEisenberg) Mim Eisenberg said:March 7th, 2012 (5:43pm) PST
I too like the new Spotlight feature, and the first three you've chosen are simply extraordinary images. You guys rock.
(@carlparow) Carl Parow said:March 7th, 2012 (4:46pm) PST
I like the new Spotlight section. Great idea.
(@DarthCharlie) Carlos Rocha said:March 7th, 2012 (1:37pm) PST
Ops, still no reply button :-(
(@pandora) pandora said:March 7th, 2012 (12:03pm) PST
you guys are the best! thank you so much for caring!!!! and for the choice to take not part in the scoring.
hope you will always find a good place when sleep infests you :D
(@ChrisO)  said:March 7th, 2012 (8:54am) PST
Hmmmmm , I'm using safari but can't see a chat function?
(@72dpi) 72dpi said (72dpi Admin):March 7th, 2012 (8:23am) PST
@Doug Benner: You should buy stock in No-Doze...sales are going up fast! ;)
@Pandora: We have expanded the commenting space. We had originally limited it to combat spammers pasting in huge chunks of "ads", but we've since combatted them in other ways. Hope this helps.
@Everyone: Fixed a bug where photos that were turned off from voting were appearing in the New Photos section.
(@drdab99) Doug Benner said:March 7th, 2012 (7:44am) PST
Wow - it's hard to keep up with all the improvements and innovations to the site.You people are very impressive.I feel like such a jerk for complaining about some things early on - I'm a little obsessive-compulsive at times.
Do any of you ever actually go home - or even go to sleep?
Any plans for 3D and Dolby surround sound? :)
(@pandora) pandora said:March 7th, 2012 (7:20am) PST
me too, piet. I have often problems with the letter's constraint. I use this as an exercise getting faster to the point ;o) but I would appreciate having more space!
(@pietflour) piet flour said:March 7th, 2012 (5:54am) PST
Always amazed lot of people are asking for more explicit comments, but it seems no one has problems with the very verylimited number of signs we have to make them.
I often had to split my comments in different episodes, I I often stopped commented and left because I could not shrink the number of signs enough to keep the comment coherent.
Am I the only one suffering from it ??
(@LovelyJubblyOz) LovelyJubblyOz said:March 7th, 2012 (5:00am) PST
Like the option to turn vote off, but those pictures are now filling the "new pictures without a vote" section!
(@JeremyBarton)  said:March 7th, 2012 (4:46am) PST
Nice move about turning off the vote!great option!
(@phrenzel) john frenzel said:March 7th, 2012 (3:43am) PST
thanks for the option to turn off the VOTE. From what I see it was the only flaw to this system here. Nice work
(@carlparow) Carl Parow said:March 7th, 2012 (3:29am) PST
Can't wait for the video chat ;-)
(@wolfademeit) Wolf Ademeit said:March 7th, 2012 (2:32am) PST
nice changes, but troll voting is still active (someone downrated older pictures with a 2 and a 3, new uploads get a 6 or 7)… l will leave this site now, because I realy don't like to play this kind of games…
(@PhotosEcosse) Barbara Jones said:March 7th, 2012 (2:20am) PST
Slight amendment....I always use Firefox which ISN'T showing Faves accurately, but IE9 IS, somehow !! Odd !
(@Nalini) Alex Greenshpun said:March 7th, 2012 (2:07am) PST
Amazing job, guys! Thank you!
A small suggestion I thought of - perhaps an easier access to the snap-list and our gallery?
(@pietflour) piet flour said:March 7th, 2012 (2:05am) PST
to Barbara
Don't know which browser you use ?
I have the same problem in safari, but if firefox everything works perfectly.
(@jisn1964)  said:March 7th, 2012 (1:45am) PST
I really like the work you are doing!!! Great!! The option of turning off voting (for me) is great.
(@PhotosEcosse) Barbara Jones said:March 7th, 2012 (1:33am) PST
The new "Most Faves" isn't accurate. I have a shot called "Elgol on a good day" which has 22 faves, and it isn't showing.
Otherwise, I can't believe how good this site is....THANKS so very much for listening to us, and implementing those ideas !! My fave place on the 'net now !!
(@sasastro) sas astro said:March 7th, 2012 (12:29am) PST
@ John Poyner, 7 is the new 6 rofl If I have a photo that suddenly gets a few 7s without comment I now take it as a compliment, it means that someone is worried my photo might be up there somewhere ;-)
(@nylife) Roman Kruglov said:March 6th, 2012 (8:46pm) PST
@72dpi, and its back thanks for quick response @John i see it now, thanks
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 6th, 2012 (8:35pm) PST
You guys rock... the chat feature if it starts being used a lot, will be a big bonus for networking, etc....
I like the "Most Favorites"
I may or may not use the ability to turn off voting...But then if Mr. 6 comes back.. I might.
(@72dpi) 72dpi said (72dpi Admin):March 6th, 2012 (8:20pm) PST
@Everyone: Sorry guys, the New Photos (No Votes Yet) wasn't suppose to be removed. Late night code push goof!
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 6th, 2012 (8:14pm) PST
Bottom Right of the screen..
(@carlparow) Carl Parow said:March 6th, 2012 (8:08pm) PST
I also liked the unrated photos, so I could give a bit of encouragement.
(@nylife) Roman Kruglov said:March 6th, 2012 (8:07pm) PST
I dont see Chat, but it could be just me and i am with John, why takeaway unrated, how you supposed to see new pictures?
(@BearConceptions) John Poyner said:March 6th, 2012 (7:53pm) PST
Why did you take away the View by :Unrated photo.How do you find the photos that others have just uploaded that we may want to see?Top fav'dis nice, but for us hobbyists, how do we get our pictures seen?
(@MimEisenberg) Mim Eisenberg said:March 6th, 2012 (7:38pm) PST
I like the chat feature. Is there any possibility you could change the tone so that it's not pretty much exactly like the one Facebook uses to announce a chat post?
(@carlparow) Carl Parow said:March 6th, 2012 (7:17pm) PST
Great chat feature :-)

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